Clewiston Fire Ant Control

clewiston-fire-ant-controlClewiston fire ant control is offered by Pine Island-based Fire Ant Control LLC. Understanding how to significantly reduce a fire ant infestation on your property can save you money and time.

Fire ants can impact electrical systems, machines, animals and humans in a variety of ways:

  • Damage directly linked to electrical machinery and equipment can be costly. Downtime associated with repairs and loss of production can often be just as costly as the repairs themselves!
  • Solenopsis invicta (better known as) Fire Ants are disliked for both their stinging bites and also the costly repairs to machinery, electrical equipment and cement slabs.
  • Problematic for animals, pets and friends and family, the fire ant’s reputation precedes it. It can be very difficult to operate a profitable agricultural business or enjoy a simple family picnic on a property that is infested with fire ants.
  • Tissue damage at the site of an attack is both painful and harmful. Allergic reactions in some humans and animals are rare, but can be quite serious. It’s important to note that scarring and even disfigurement can occur from an especially aggressive attack.

Not publicized as much are the affects imposed on young crops, electrical boxes, outlets and machinery.

Below are losses to factor into your decision on treating your property:

  • Machinery (dulled hay cutter blades, shorted-out well pumps, malfunctioning air conditioner units, etc. etc.)
  • Time lost due to downed machinery
  • Seeds and seedling destruction
  • Infested bales of hay
  • Loss of animals due to injury and death
  • Injury to workers and recovery times

Animals in enclosures, barns and feedlots are particularly vulnerable, but are usually easily treated locations. Applications performed three times a year will help remove fire ants forever!

Field crop and commercial vegetable growers know which crops are particularly susceptible to a Solenopsis invicta infestation. Fire Ant Control can ensure successful elimination of fire ants.

For more information about our service and its’ ability to reduce the costs associated with repairs and harm to crops, animals and humans. Call us at 239-312-8200.