Clewiston Fire Ant Treatment

At Pine Island-based Fire Ant Control, we use the most effective products in the business to clear up Fire Ant infestations in record time.

We’re a trusted name in Fire Ant prevention and treatment, and we can keep your family and your property protected with our professional Clewiston Fire Ant treatment.

How Do You Know If It’s Fire Ants?

Easy. If you’re disturbing the ant at all, Fire Ants will attempt to bite and sting you.

Fire Ants are dark red with black rear ends.  They are territorial and aggressive, charging out to kill when their mound is disturbed.  Run the toe of your shoe along the edge of one and they will come boiling out.

Alternatively (but not recommended), you could look at an ant’s head under a microscope or magnifying glass. Fire Ants have two pinchers, or mandibles. Between them, you’ll be able to see three pronounced bumps, called clypeal teeth.

You will also be able to detect a stinger on a Fire Ant’s tail.

How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

Fire Ant Control puts a high priority on killing Fire Ant Queens. Where other invasive species may have one queen per colony, Fire Ants can have several. And they can fly! This is one reason that Fire Ant mounds are able to spread so quickly. Queens also lay up to 1000 eggs per day, and they’re known for their superior survival abilities.

You can’t squish them, spray them, or hose them to get rid of a nest. One of the few ways to effectively manage infestations is by using a highly concentrated, slow acting bait. The bait resembles food and is carried by worker drones deep into Fire Ant nests (which can spread up to 10 feet underground) and delivered to the Queens.

Once the Queens are eliminated, they can’t reproduce and the colony quickly dies off.

That’s the only way to get rid of Fire Ants.

Protect Your Family And Your Friends!

While Fire Ants are known to bite with their strong jaws, they also inject venom by way of stingers on their hind ends. Fire Ants protect themselves and their homes aggressively, often swarming in groups of hundreds and stinging intruders multiple times. The wounds swell and form painful, oozing, itchy blisters that can last for weeks.

Fire Ants aren’t just a nuisance. People actually die every year from attacks, particularly in cases where hundreds or thousands of bites are suffered. It’s also possible to have allergic reactions to venom, and just like a bee or wasp allergy, this can prove fatal.

Fire Ants Can Ruin Your Property

In addition to the injuries you potentially face with an active Fire Ant infestation near your home, you also run the risk of property damage. Solenopsis invicta (Fire Ants) are drawn to electrical equipment, but they can also damage driveways, sidewalks, and even Air Conditioning systems.

That says nothing for the destruction these insects cause to your lawn.

Fire Ant mounds can be three feet in diameter or more, and they can quickly spread across your property. Each hill can hold hundreds of thousands of ants.  Above ground, large piles of dirt unearthed by the ants completely cover grass and prevents it from getting sun.

The Combined Impact Is Devastating.

It’s imperative to address infestations quickly before they grow out of control. Twice yearly treatments from Fire Ant Control help Clewiston homeowners avoid this invasive problem.

If you suspect there are Fire Ants on your property, it’s time to call in the professionals.

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