Everglades City Fire Ant Control

Most places in Southwest Florida are affected by the non-native and invasive species of ant commonly known as the “fire ant”.

Fire ants are a topic of concern among government agencies in charge of land management, homeowners as well as land owners in the agricultural industry.

While it’s difficult to track the numbers, annual losses due to machinery damaged by colonies of fire ants are thought to be incredibly high in Florida.

Once the repairs, production times, and loss of man power due to transporting machinery to the repair location has been considered, you’ll most likely find that the cost of treatment is less than other alternatives.

Attempts to control the invasive fire ant population have been in action since the introduction of species in the early 1900’s. Florida was not the first to experience the destructive effects on homes, yards and grazing lands, but many of us are ready for a solution.

The growth of colonies on land where people and animals reside began as a nuisance, and has more recently become a financial concern.


  1. Injuries to family, friends and pets are common
  2. Compromised structural integrity of cement slabs
  3. Damage to electrical boxes, outlets and machinery


  1. Machinery
  2. Time lost due to downed machinery
  3. Dulling hay cutter blades
  4. Shorted out well pumps
  5. Shorted out air conditioners
  6. Seeds and seedling destruction
  7. Infested bales of hay
  8. Loss of livestock due to injury and death
  9. Time spent analyzing injuries and deaths
  10. Value of injured livestock
  11. Injury to workers and recovery times

Fire Ant Control offers Everglades City fire ant control services to help eliminate fire ants from your property in a cost effective, low maintenance manner.

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