Fire Ant Control in Highlands County, Florida

If you live in Florida then you already know the destructive power of fire ants. These pests are quite a problem in warm, wet states like Florida, and they have been doing damage for generations. If you are in or around Highlands County and need the best solution, don’t think three times about calling Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control in Highlands County, FloridaTo prevent a fire ant colony from thriving, all queens must be sterilized to stop them from reproducing. Spraying insecticide on the nest is not enough to exterminate the ants. It may even cause the colony to scatter and start a colony elsewhere on your property, making it even more difficult to control them.

Fire Ant Control, LLC is recognized as a specialist in controlling red fire ants on any size or type of land. Our food-like granulated bait contains an insect growth regulator that sterilizes the queen and is approved for use around people, pets, livestock, and on pastures, hay fields, farmland, and public and private lands. With two treatments a year, your property can be 85% to 95% free of fire ants for four months at a time.

You May Have Fire Ants If…

  • You see flattened dome-shaped mounds of loose soil in lawns, around rotten logs and trees, or under cement slabs and sidewalks, particularly just after a heavy rain.
  • You disturb the mound, even accidentally, and see dozens to hundreds of reddish-brown worker ants aggressively rise up from beneath the mound and attack everything around them.
  • A sting or bite gives you an intense burning sensation and, within 24 hours or so, forms a white fluid-filled pustule or blister at the sting site. (Red fire ant venom is the only fire ant venom that causes this symptom.)

You may not always see the mounds rising above the surface of your property, and this may lead you to believe that you are free from these pests, but don’t let this fool you! If you see any fire ants at all on your property, it’s very likely that the colonies are there—growing larger each day.

Properties with single-queen colonies may have 40 to 150 mounds and about 7 million red fire ants per acre. If infested with multiple-queen colonies, there may be 200 or more mounds and up to 40 million red fire ants per acre. This adds up to an enormous risk to your plant life, your livestock, your guests, and your family or employees. Don’t let fire ants make your property theirs—consider calling us today if you think you have any sort of infestation.

If you have questions about how many fire ants live in a colony or the best way to rid them from your Highlands County, Florida property, Fire Ant Control, LLC, can help. Our services are fully licensed and insured. Call us today at (239) 312-8200 for a free estimate.