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The red imported fire ant (Solenopsis Invicta) has become a large problem in a few parts of the world where there are no natural predators. In their native home of South America, carnivorous flies and plants are the main predators of these ants, helping curb colony size.

Taiwan, Australia and the U.S. all have ongoing national programs to keep Fire Ants under quarantine or to expunge them, but none have been very effective, save for Australia. Over the last 80 years, these nasty pests have spread throughout the southern third of the US, including all of Florida.

Don’t worry! Your property in Bonita Springs doesn’t have to suffer from these dangerous insects. We can ensure that Fire Ants don’t make a home out of your residential, commercial, or agricultural property.

Why does a fire ant sting feel like fire?

When a fire ant stings, it uses its mandibles to bite and latch onto the skin. Once it latches, it uses the stinger on its abdomen to sting as many as three times per ant. Multiply that by a hundred angry workers and you’re going to wish you never set foot near that nest!

A fire ants’ venom is composed of alkaloids derived from piperidine, a peppery substance sharing a structure with alkaloids found in black pepper, poisonous hemlock, and tobacco.

When this venom is injected into the skin, it forms a rash and pustules with a fiery, burning sensation. Some people may experience an allergic reaction to the venom, which can lead to anaphylaxis.

A person suffering from this will require emergency treatment immediately or it could be fatal.

How do I know if the ants I have are Fire Ants?

A fire ant colony doesn’t develop the typical conical anthill with a single entrance. Instead, they create large mounds in soil. These areas are often moist, near a leaky hose or faucet, watered lawns, pond, river, or other water source.

Fire ant mounds can be spotted easily in open spaces and look a bit like someone has dumped a bucket of dirt out.

These mounds can reach heights over a foot, but can be even higher on heavier soils!

Fire ants prefer to hide their nest. Commonly their home will be hidden under objects that obscure the nest, so be careful when moving rocks, logs, pavers, or bricks. If there is no cover for nesting, the familiar dome-shaped mounds will be constructed.

With us, there are no monthly charges! Unlike other companies that charge you monthly for multiple visits throughout the year, we only treat and bill three times a year.

And we guarantee our treatments for four months!

Fire Ant colonies are usually commanded by a single queen. No matter what you do from a treatment standpoint, if the queen survives, within a month she can relocate to a new nest and develop a new colony up to thousands strong.

Our three times-yearly visits will ensure that doesn’t happen.

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