Fire Ant Control In Fort Myers

Looking to manage your fire ant infestation?

Fire Ant Control in Fort Myers offers fire ant pest control services to businesses, schools, parks, pastures and farmlands. We also treat to prevent infestations before they even happen!

Preventative measures will keep a fire ant infestation from occurring in the first place.

Treating prior to any noticeable infestation allows the safe-guarding of your property as well as the animals and people living and working at the site.

Native to South America, the Solenopsis invicta is one of the more common red fire ants that have infested Florida and the South Eastern United States since its introduction back in the early 1930’s.

They are more commonly known as red imported fire ants (RIFA).

At Fire Ant Control, we understand the importance of distinguishing between red imported fire ants and native ants in order for appropriate control measures to be taken.

Our ant removal treatments are not just effective for residential properties.

Florida’s Agricultural community understands the amount of damage that can occur to young crops if a fire ant infestation is allowed to take hold. Crops yields will be less than ideal due to the ants feeding on the young tender growth.

Fire Ant Control in pastures and groves is also essential, otherwise your livestock and employees will suffer from stings and bites.
They are painful and in some instances can cause allergic reactions or even death in livestock.

The loss of even one animal effects the bottom line.

If left untreated especially in pastures and groves, colonies can expand to include upwards of 40 mounds per acre… And mounds can reach heights of 15.5 inches and can be as deep as five feet!

Our affordable fire ant treatment plans include two property visits a year (one every four months) compared with other pest treatment services that require a monthly bill.

Each treatment has our guaranteed stamp on our service.

Call Fire Ant Control in Fort Myers today at 239-312-8200 to protect your public and private spaces.