Fire Ant Control In Lehigh Acres

You love your home, and you love you family. Keeping both safe from fire ants is a must!

For Fire Ant Control in Lehigh Acres, look to the experts from Pine Island-based Fire Ant Control, LLC. Using only top-quality products, we guarantee that our bait is the best to protect against fire ants around family, pets, and livestock.

And results are guaranteed!

Unfortunately, since their accidental introduction to the U.S in the 1930s, these dangerous insects have been a part of Lehigh Acres and much of Florida for decades. Each year people die from ant attacks, most of which are caused by attacks from the Fire Ants.

They may seem benign from a distance, but talk to anyone who has been stung, and you know that they’re serious business.

Attacking in swarms, these pests are highly aggressive, clustering together until encroachers have moved away. Capable of taking down small animals, these insects often stay on their targets even after the victim has left the scene, stinging multiple times in the process.

Keeping people and animals safe is not the only thing to worry about!

Fire ants are destructive to equipment, wires, walkways and lanais. They inhibit crops, and push out other beneficial ant colonies. Over time, the added cost of damaged property and agriculture can be devastating.

If you keep or raise animals, veterinary costs are incurred as well, as these animals cannot brush away the ants. They may even trample, roll in and otherwise exacerbate the nest, causing more ants to swarm the animal.

Kill the queen!

The queen is at the heart of the nest, responsible for reproducing and increasing the numbers of the ant family. Unlike other ant species, fire ants can have multiple queens, so the rapidity of growth is escalated.

Topical solutions, boiling water, and drowning will not work to stop the infestation. Infamous for their resiliency, queens will float their colony to a new location nearby instead of drowning. Fire ants also do not hibernate, and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Boiling water and topical poisons may kill many ants on the surface and top levels, but rarely reach all the way to the bottom…

Fire ant mounds have been known to extend 10 feet underground!

Our methods are effective.

Instead of soaking the area in environmentally harmful poisons that can kill or burn grass and plants, our method of sterilization solves the problem at the source. After the queen is sterilized, they can no longer grow the colony and the ants die out naturally.

If desired, we will come to your property for a free initial consultation and explain how our granular bait is different! You can trust our bait over insecticides sold at home improvement stores and other commercial ant killers.

We have a 4-month guarantee!

With a visit from one of our licensed professionals three times a year, you can rest assured that your yard won’t be swarming in fire ants.  By the time new fire ant queens move in to form new colonies, we are there to stop them.

There’s no reentry period; the infested areas will be safe soon after the treatment is applied. (Agricultural lands differ on re-entry procedures).

Call Fire Ant Control today at (239) 312-8200 to take care of these unwanted guests in your Lehigh Acres property! We serve all of Lee, Hendry, Collier and more.