Fire Ant Control In Punta Gorda

Need Emergency Fire Ant Control In Punta Gorda?

If you’re looking for effective fire ant control in Punta Gorda, look no further. Fire Ant Control has a proven track record of treating and controlling Fire Ants not only in Punta Gorda, but throughout all of Lee, Hendry, Charlotte, and Collier Counties.

Every Year People Are Killed In Fire Ant Attacks

These aggressive ants swarm in the thousands, and can deliver dozens of painful stings and bites in a single encounter. The burning venom will leave a raised, painful pustule for days, or even weeks. If an entire colony attacks (or if a victim is allergic or suffering from certain health conditions) the stings can even prove even fatal!

Call us at the first sign of Fire Ants. In addition to causing injuries to people and pets, these invasive insects can also cause property damage.

Imagine your lawn littered with sandy mounds. In high infestation areas, there can be 200 of these colonies per acre, each with their own queen and an intricate tunnel system below the surface.

Nests can also be built under cement, cracking patios, walkways and driveways, causing costly damage as they grow larger.

In addition, Fire Ants are drawn to electrical currents and often damage outlets, transformer boxes, telephone boxes, circuit breakers, air conditioning units, electric pumps, and other equipment.

Depending on your homeowners’ policy, this damage may be considered an act of Mother Nature or neglected maintenance.

How Do We Stop Fire Ants In Their Tracks?

If you’ve attempted DIY measures, you’ve probably wasted a good amount of time and money on treatments that worked temporarily, if at all. Natural methods like flooding a mound with boiling water often won’t go deep enough in the ground to get to the root of the problem.

In order to wipe out a colony, you must kill the queens – plural. Each Fire Ant Queen can lay up to 1000 new eggs each day!

The Queens are protected by a vast web of tunnels which create natural defenses, and Fire Ants are among the fiercest to act when protecting their matriarchs. Just approaching a mound to investigate can leave you covered in bites and stings.

How It Works

Fire Ant Control uses a highly potent, food-like bait that kills colonies from the inside out.

When worker ants forage for food near their mounds, they come upon our precisely-dispersed bait. They think it’s food, and they take it back to their nests where they store it alongside developing larvae, as well as delivering it straight to the Queen. The Queen consumes it, is sterilized and eventually dies.

With no way to increase their numbers, and with their existing members dying out, your infestation is gone in no time! Twice yearly treatments keep your home and property free and clear of these destructive insects.

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