Fire Ant Control Sanibel

fire-ant-control-sanibelResidential homes and properties zoned for agricultural use have one thing in common… Fire Ants!

Since the introduction of this invasive species into the United States through Alabama in the 1930’s, they have been successful in taking over any plot of land where a queen decides to start and grow her colony.

They will attack any perceived threat to the colony by biting and stinging.

Often victims are unsuspecting of the mound below their feet and are not aware that they are threatening the colony until the signature sting is felt, usually on the feet, ankles and shins.

Signs of a fire ant infestation.

  • A common sign of infestation is the swarming  of worker ants.
    Workers will swam when their nest is disturbed by humans or animals who unknowingly walk or stand on their mound. The weight and vibration will send these aggressive and territorial predators into protection mode. Sandy earthen mounds are usually more visible after recent rainfall. Look for disturbed grass. The area will look as though the dirt has been mounded on top of the grass with only a few blades protruding. Large mounds can reach heights of almost 16 inches and as deep as 5 feet.
  • Another common sign is the complaints that are received from children, friends and family after being stung!
    Animals can’t verbally tell us that they have been attacked or are being attacked, but the signs of an attack are the welts resulting from fire ant bites. Some humans and animals can have an anaphylactic reaction to these bites where sickness or death can occur if not treated immediately.

Not only do they cause harm to people, but pets can also be injured by this territorial ant.

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