Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Clearwater, FL

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides the most affordable and effective fire ant treatment for homes and businesses in Clearwater, Florida, and anywhere else our services are needed.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is headquartered in Bokeelia, Florida. Along with our sister companies, we serve the entire imported fire ant quarantine area of the southeastern U.S. Our potent, food-like granular bait kills the ant colonies from the inside out.

About Fire Ant Colonies

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Clearwater, FLThe telltale signs of fire ant colonies are the round, flattened mounds they build by pushing up the soil as they tunnel into the earth. Amazing architects, the ants build and live in an extensive network of interconnected subterranean tunnels that extend downward and outward from these central mounds.

Mounds are a lot like solar roof panels. They maintain enough warmth inside the colony for the fire ants to produce new eggs at cooler times of the year. But, when the soil gets warm, such as in summer, the ants will continue expanding their colonies right under your feet, sight unseen.

You will likely find these mounds (or nests) in backyards, lawns, parks, playgrounds, pastures, and golf courses, in agricultural land and wilderness areas, around trees and stumps, and under sidewalks and cement slabs.

Why Red Fire Ants Love Clearwater, FL

Clearwater is situated in Pinellas County on Florida’s west coast, along the Gulf of Mexico and to the southeast of Tampa Bay. Endless supplies of sunshine, warm weather, and humidity bless this beachside paradise all year long, equating to heaven for fire ants.

Destructive and dangerous fire ants adore moist land. Their favorite places to build nests include open, sunny areas like lawns and golf courses, pastures, parks, playgrounds, and meadows, as well as wilderness areas and agricultural land, all plentiful in Clearwater.

Kill Fire Ants from the Inside Out

The key to exterminating red fire ants is to kill the colonies from the inside out by sterilizing the queen(s).

Fire Ant Control, LLC is a recognized specialist in controlling red fire ants on any size or type of land. Our potent, food-like granular bait contains an insect growth regulator that is designed to sterilize the queen and is approved for use around people, pets, livestock, and on pastures, hayfields, and farmland.

The bait is regulated and approved for use on public and private lands. It is superior to insecticides and sprays that are temporary, only kill surface ants, are sometimes dangerous, and are very expensive.

Worker ants will eat the bait, carry it down inside the colony and share it with other ants, and the entire ant population will die naturally.  Extermination is not immediate but, once the queen has been sterilized, the colony will disappear within weeks, and no new ants will be born.

Our proven treatment works for properties that range from small residential lots to thousands of acres. We guarantee it will rid 85-95% of the fire ants from your property for four months at a time, or we will refund your payment.

Find out how treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC, can help you get rid of destructive fire ants on your Clearwater, FL property. Contact us at (239) 312-8200 for a free estimate!