Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Estero, FL

Hire Fire Ant Control, LLC to take advantage of the best fire ant treatment in Estero, FL. Our services are fully licensed and insured and guaranteed for four months at a time, or your money back!

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Estero, FLRed imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) were accidentally brought into the port of Mobile, Alabama, from Brazil in about 1930. They are the worst of all fire ant species because they mate often, reproduce rapidly, are more aggressive, and have an extremely painful venomous sting that can be serious or even lethal.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, headquartered in Bokeelia, Florida, along with our sister companies, serves the entire imported fire ant quarantine area of the southeastern U.S., and are capable of treating up to 1,000 acres per day.

Our proven treatment is excellent for properties that range from small residential lots to thousands of acres, and the bait is regulated and approved for use on public and private lands.

Why Red Fire Ants Love Estero

The Village of Estero is sandwiched along Florida’s Gulf Coast between Fort Myers to the north and Naples to the south. Estero is Spanish for “estuary” – where the river meets the sea – for its location on the spring-fed Estero River that flows to Estero Bay.

Why do fire ants love Estero? They adore moist land. That’s the reason they prefer watered lawns, golf courses, highway shoulders, pond shores and river banks as nesting grounds. Consequently, the Estero area, and the majority of Florida, is a tropical paradise for fire ants!

Get Rid of Your Fire Ants

If you’ve only seen a few fire ants or mounds, you may think they are under control. Think again! Estero and South Florida are prone to year-round infestations of fire ants.

Properties infested with single-queen colonies typically have 40 to 150 mounds and about 7 million red fire ants per acre. Properties with multiple-queen colonies may have 200 or more mounds and up to 40 million red fire ants per acre!

Without a reliable fire ant killer, you are at risk of attack. When gardening, pruning or mowing in your yard, you may accidentally disturb a mound and be aggressively swarmed and stung by fire ants.

The terrible pain from the bite will subside, but some people are allergic to the venom, and others may go into anaphylactic shock, a condition that requires urgent medical attention to prevent a deadly outcome.

Careful application of our potent, food-like granular bait kills the ant colonies from the inside out. Extermination is not instantaneous but, once the worker ants have eaten the bait and carried it down into the colony, sterilizing the queen, the entire colony will disappear, and no new ants will be born. Within weeks, your property will be 85-95% free of fire ants.

If you want to keep fire ants from damaging your Estero property and harming your family, friends, and animals, give Fire Ant Control, LLC, a call today at (239) 312-8200 to schedule a free consultation and get started with your first treatment.