Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Winter Garden, FL

Do you need to stop red fire ants from damaging your property or harming your family in Winter Garden, FL? Are your belongings, pets, or friends at risk? If so, then you need not look any further than Fire Ant Control, LLC for lasting, efficient, and effective treatment.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Winter Garden, FLFlorida is a state of wetlands, and that is precisely the issue when you are talking about fire ants. They love wetlands, which is why they show up on freshly watered lawns, river banks, and other moist areas. Florida is a great place for fire ants to nest in.

Fire Ant Control, LLC uses bait that is approved for use on both private and public property. It is effective on small to large properties, from residential lots to commercial property comprising many, many acres.

Temporary Solutions

It can be dangerous to take matters into your own hands with fire ants. They are able to inflict multiple bites and stings and can affect livestock, pets, and even people. If you try to eliminate these pests on your own but fail to get rid of the queen, then you will also fail to eliminate the colony.

Temporary solutions include using liquid insecticide, granules, or chemical dust to treat fire ant mounds. Besides being toxic to people and animals in many cases, these treatments affect the mounds but do not affect the colonies as a whole.

Another measure that can be taken temporarily is to pour vinegar or bleach over the mound, which usually causes the colony to move locations. Using boiling water is sometimes temporarily effective but the colony will most likely return to its original strength.

The Proven Permanent Solution

At Fire Ant Control, we are so confident in our treatment that we will guarantee extermination of 85-95% of the fire ant population from your property for a full four months or give you your money back.

The treatment we use is superior to both insecticides and sprays because it uses a sterilizing agent—an insect growth regulator—that hides in a food-like bait. By sterilizing the queen, we ensure that the colony will be destroyed.

Our granular bait is both potent and safe, unlike sprays and insecticides which are both toxic to humans and quite expensive. These other means of treating fire ant colonies also tend not to be as effective as our bait since they are by and large superficial—they treat the surface of the colony at the mound rather than encouraging the ants to bring a sterilizing agent back to the queen.

Because fire ants fly away from the colony to mate, they will eventually come back. Therefore, we recommend treating your property three times a year to prevent further fire ant colonization.

Give Fire Ant Control a call at (239) 312-8200 for a free estimate and to schedule your first treatment in Winter Garden, FL. If you have fire ants, then we will put them on ice!