Fire Ant Infestation In Naples

If you’re struggling with a Fire Ant infestation in Naples, Florida, help is just a phone call away. 

Fire Ants can be a serious problem, but even if these troublesome pests have taken over your yard, there’s still hope. Fire Ant Control specializes in helping homeowners in the Naples area rid themselves of these trespassers.

We can help you take back your property and keep future infestations at bay! Fire Ants aren’t your typical insects. As such, only experienced professionals can make them go away quickly.

Fire Ant Infestation In NaplesWhat Exactly Are Fire Ants?

Fire Ants are a variety of ant introduced into the United States by accident. After arriving, they spread rapidly through the country and have taken up residence in at least 15 states.

They live in large colonies, which can include hundreds of thousands of ants, and they have a reputation for intruding and not only biting people, pets and livestock… But also stinging as well.

Fire Ants create tunnels underground that can reach thirty feet away from their central mounds. To make matters worse, they are also very aggressive when defending their nests — even if those nests are right in the center of your backyard!

Aren’t Ants Supposed to be Harmless?

While it’s true that most ants we encounter are only a minor annoyance, Fire Ants are unique. In fact, they can cause physical harm to you and your family! Their stings are painful. Like bee stings, they can be fatal if a person happens to be allergic. Deaths as a result of Fire Ant stings occurs every year, as these ants will not hesitate to swarm people. Stumbling onto a mound can leave a person dealing with countless stings and a dangerous number of bites.

Fire Ants can also cause a great deal of property damage, as their tunnels and mounds can ruin even the well-maintained yard and other types of outdoor equipment and even building foundations.

Can I Handle a Fire Ant Infestation Myself?

There are many household issues you’re more than capable of tackling on your own. However, if you have a Fire Ant infestation in Naples, Marco Island, Immokalee, or Golden Gate Estates, you likely need professional help. Methods like flooding a mound with hot water might work with normal ants, but Fire Ants burrow so deep into the ground that this rarely works. The best way to exterminate a Fire Ant colony is to get rid of the queens (yes, there are sometimes more than one), and that isn’t easy. The tunnel systems these ants use make locating the queen difficult, and they are also very aggressive toward anyone approaching the mound.

Although Fire Ant colonies grow at an alarming pace (the queens can lay up to a thousand new eggs every single day) it can still take some time for a mound to grow large enough for you even to notice it’s there. As such, once you’ve become aware of a Fire Ant issue it likely has already grown too large for you to handle on your own.

Get the Help You Need!

These pests only get harder to remove over time, and you could find yourself dealing with a serious problem if you wait to get help. Don’t let irritating, destructive pests take over the property you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

Call (239) 312-8200 or click here if you have a Fire Ant infestation in Naples, and let us take care of it!

At Fire Ant Control, we have nearly unmatched experience with controlling Fire Ant infestations. We even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which we wouldn’t be able to do if we weren’t confident in our ability to do the job.