Florida Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control, LLC, headquartered in Bokeelia, Florida, and our sister companies specialize in controlling red fire ants throughout the southeastern U.S. and are capable of treating up to 1,000 acres per day.

Florida Fire AntsRed fire ants adore sunshine, warmth, humidity and moist land and prefer watered lawns, golf courses, highway shoulders, lake shores and river banks as nesting grounds. In other words, the majority of Florida is a tropical paradise for fire ants!

Fire ants build nests outdoors in mounds of soil and live beneath them in elaborate networks of underground tunnels where the queens reproduce rapidly (laying 1,500 to 5,000 eggs per day). Even when you don’t see them, they are expanding right under your feet, and thousands of them can live in a single colony.

The key to controlling them is to take quick action to minimize the damage they can cause to humans, animals and property. Fire Ant Control, LLC is the best fire ant killer around.

Fire Ant Damage and Destruction

Most people are aware of the pain that red fire ants cause when they bite or sting. When their mounds are disturbed, hundreds of ants will swarm out of the ground and aggressively sting an intruder within seconds.

The terrible pain will subside, but some people are allergic to the venom in the bite and may experience swelling, itching and redness at the sting site. It’s also possible for anaphylactic shock to occur, requiring quick medical attention to prevent a deadly outcome.

Fire ants can also be deadly to farm animals, especially newborns and animals that are weak or ill. They also attack and kill bees and beneficial native ant populations.

These destructive insects also damage equipment. They will eat through power lines, wreak havoc with traffic lights, junction boxes, and air conditioning equipment, and cause damage to machinery, irrigation and transformer boxes.

The Fire Ant Control Solution

Fire Ant Control, LLC is a recognized specialist in controlling red fire ants on any size or type of land. The potent, food-like granular bait we use contains an insect growth regulator that sterilizes the queen and is approved for use around people, pets, livestock, as well as on pastures, hay fields and farmland.

Worker ants eat the bait and carry it down into the colony, causing the fire ants to die naturally.  Extermination is not immediate but, once the queen has been sterilized, the entire colony will disappear, and no new ants will be born.

We guarantee that our treatment will rid 85-95% of the fire ants from your residential, commercial or agricultural property, whether public or private, for four months at a time, or your money back.

Because new colonies can invade when ants fly off to mate and start a new colony, or when an existing colony expands into new territory, we highly recommend treatments every four months to keep these troublemakers under control.

If you’re ready to keep red fire ants from damaging your Florida property and harming your family, friends and animals, give Fire Ant Control, LLC, a call today at (239) 312-8200 to schedule a free consultation and your first treatment.