Golden Gate Estates Fire Ant Control

Seeking a fast, effective Fire Ant treatment?

Fire ants are an unfortunate part of life in southwest Florida, but they don’t have to be a dangerous pest to live alongside!

Fire Ant Control offers  Golden Gate Estates Fire Ant Control services that are proven to help rid your property of invasive red Fire Ants infestations.

We service residential, commercial, municipal, and agricultural properties, including parks, golf courses, ranches, and more! If you’ve noticed these problematic ants on your property, we have a solution.

“Can’t I buy fire ant killer at the improvement store?”

Attempting to treat fire ants by yourself is difficult. Do-it-yourself solutions and store-bought products give you no surefire indicator as to whether or not the impact is effective, and put you at risk for a swarm of bites and stings. Even the ones that appear to kill many ants immediately may not even reach the colony queen. Or may be treating the wrong ants entirely!

With our licensed specialists, you will get the results you want.

“Our landscaper says they can take care of it! Why are the ants back?”

Often, landscaping companies that claim to offer Fire Ant removal services are not trained or licensed in insect pest control, and may use chemicals that burn and kill plants and grass. These chemicals also have a reentry period where you must keep people and animals away for weeks.

In many instances, Fire Ants treated with store purchased bait will just move their colony to another location nearby.

Fire Ant Control is an insured, licensed professional provider of Fire Ant eradiction services. Our professionals will easily spot differences between ant species that are harmless, and those that are destructive.

“Is there anything I can do to prevent fire ants?”

Fire ants need two things to thrive. Food and water. Until your service with us, there are some preventative measures you can take to avoid a new colony from springing up.

Do you have any leaky spigots or hoses around your property? A continuous supply of water into the ground, especially those coming from slow leaks, will attract a queen to your location.

Don’t leave food sources, such as feed or seeds laying around. Fire Ants are not picky eaters, and they require a constant food source in order to build their nests. Keep these items secured or sealed away to keep them from taking advantage of a free meal!

“What’s so different about your bait?”

Using the best quality granular bait, we will make sure that your family, pets, livestock and greenery are prevented from ant bites as quickly as possible.

Unlike other topical treatments that can permanently damage the soil and grass, our bait goes right to the source. Workers carry the bait granules throughout the colony and to the queen. Eventually the queen dies off, and the colony disappears.

Say goodbye to monthly payments!

Our initial consultation is complimentary, and we will  give you an estimate of your first treatment. We only treat three times a year and bill for each visit.

After your treatment, we guarantee your property will be 85-95% free of fire ants for four months!

Coupled with our excellent customer service, our failsafe method will ensure that you receive the best Fire Ant removal service in Golden Gate Estates.

Call Fire Ant Control today at (239) 312-8200!

We service all of Southwest Florida including Lee, Hendry, and Collier counties.