Immokalee Fire Ant Control

Based in Pine Island, Fire Ant Control provides Immokalee Fire Ant Control services that are fast, affordable, and effective.

Has your residential or commercial property been overrun by fire ants?

Does your agriculture or your animals suffer in your fields and pastures? Take back control of your lawn, park, or ranch with Fire Ant Control!

Fire ants were accidentally introduced to the United States in the 1930s. Without a local predator, they have been spreading throughout the southern states of the U.S. and moving north.

Fire ants have created problems for their surroundings since their arrival. They’re not picky eaters, and will feed on plants, equipment, and animal proteins, such as other beneficial ants like the pyramid ant.

Having been named one of the “100 of the World’s Worst” by the Invasive Species Specialist Group, these pests are harmful in more ways than one. Aside from causing damage to animals, agriculture, and pasture, this species of ant also damages electrical wires and equipment.

They are fast growing, highly aggressive, and destructive. Fire ants are given their namesake for a reason. Their bites are extremely painful, blister immediately, and akin to the sensation of fire burns. Without allergic reaction, which can be fatal, fire ant stings take a week to heal.

How do I know if I have fire ants?

  • One of the easiest indicators are their anthills. Unlike most anthills, Fire Ant hills are more flat than conical. They tend to be about a foot high and no larger than 18” in diameter. Instead of a single entrance to the hill, fire ants have many, so you will see them swarming the entire surface. Gravitating to soft earth, they will often build their nests in grassy areas.
  • Another indicator is color. Although ranging from reddish-brown to black, they typically have a darker thorax and abdomen. They’re about a quarter of an inch long.
  • The final identifier is one that we hope you haven’t experienced! When their nest is disturbed, these ants will become extremely aggressive, attacking anything near their home. They will begin to swarm, climbing vertically onto legs and trees. Upon attacking, they latch themselves onto the skin by biting and then sting as many as three times per ant!

Fire Ant Control is a trusted, fully licensed and insured company that services Immokalee and many other areas of Southwest Florida. Our granular bait is regulated and approved for both public and private land use, and won’t burn or kill grass.

The bait we use works by sterilizing the queen. Without a way of repopulating the colony, eventually the workers and queen die, and no new queens are able to take her place. We recommend getting treatment three times a year.

Current and new ants will continue to devour the bait, so this bi-annual treatment is the best preventative measure for potential new infestation.

We guarantee our treatment will keep your property 85-99% free of fire ants for four months until our next visit!

Unlike other companies that charge a monthly fee, we only bill for three times-yearly treatments. With our semi-annual service, we will make sure that new colonies won’t move in after the old colony is gone.

If you’re looking to treat Fire Ants in Immokalee, Cape Coral, Golden Gate Estates or the surrounding area, call Fire Ant Control to schedule your first treatment at (239) 312-8200!