Labelle Fire Ant Control

Labelle fire ant control services are provided by the locally owned (and aptly named) Fire Ant Control of Pine Island, Florida.

Solenopsis invicta (better known as Fire Ants) are not native to Florida.

They are attracted to the moisture associated with newly born livestock and animals that hatch.

They also eat new growth associated with many crops and  small bugs like crickets. These Omnivores have taken over the Southeastern US, especially Florida!

Prevention And Control Considerations.

Eliminating problems caused by the red imported fire ant can help protect birthing animals as well as their offspring. Your family and friends and pets may be a consideration as well. Until you’ve implemented a scheduled control service there are steps you can take (in the meantime) to prevent colony attacks on farms and commercial and residential property.

Until a comprehensive service is established:

  • Distribute only the amount of feed that an animal will eat so that there is nothing left over after they have had their fill. A thriving fire ant colony will need to be close to a food source. Young crops and seedlings can provide this source and if they are not available, another supply must be located or the colony must move. Removing seeds and feeds from the equation.
  • Securely store and seal feed and food. Not only is it a waste of feed dollars to distribute more feed than is necessary, but left over feed will attract ants directly to your penned locations… Potentially creating a scenario where livestock injuries or even death may occur.
  • Keep pens and other animal shelters clean of food, debris, manure and any other waste. Besides creating an unsanitary environment for livestock, these messy conditions often attract fire ants.
  • Fix leaky outdoor spigots to prevent their attraction to the damp ground and apparent water source. Like most life on our planet, water is required for survival and the search for this source is common to plants, animals and insects.

To learn more about how to prevent and control a Solenopsis invicta infestation on your property (or to schedule a Labelle Fire Ant Control
 treatment) call Fire Ant Control directly at 239-312-8200.