Lehigh Acres Fire Ant Control

Lehigh Acres fire ant control services are provided by the locally owned and operated company called Fire Ant Control. Our services are convenient and economical.

The quality and integrity of the bait we use makes all of the difference.

Have you used a “do it yourself” product purchased from a big box home improvement store and found that this type of mound treatment is unsuccessful? The colony seems to move and sets up shop practically next door!

The red imported fire ant is an invasive species to Florida.

Colonies will expand as long as they are left untreated. Fire ants are predators as well as effective scavengers and their impacts on homes as well as livestock and farm lands has been significant and will continue to be so until action is taken.

Development of baits and baiting tactics have been experimented with and developed over the decades since this invasive pest was introduced back in the 1930’s.

As effective scavengers they will travel distances to forage for food and then bring it back to the colony. It is important that the worker ants show no signs of illness or infection. If they do then the queen will not eat this bait and this is why so many do it yourself products fall short.

Our bait is formulated so that the rest of the ants in the colony will show no signs of illness or infection until after the queen has ingested the bait.

The bait sterilizes the queen so that she can no longer produce eggs which continue the expansion of the colony. The colony will soon die out as there is no more egg production. Sterilization of the queen is the key to eliminating colonies and ensuring that your yard or acreage is fire ant controlled.

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