Lehigh Acres Fire Ant Treatment


Looking for a fire ant treatment in Lehigh Acres, Florida that really works?

Fire Ant Control offers effective fire ant treatments throughout Southwest Florida. We treat all kinds of properties, including residential yards, golf courses, athletic fields, play grounds, school yards, agricultural properties, horse farms, and more.

Our trained professionals can determine if the ants you want to get rid of are indeed red imported fire ants. This process includes finding, viewing, and observing the mounds and the behavior of the ants themselves.

Forget store-bought chemicals and do-it-yourself solutions…

When you call Fire Ant Control at 239-312-8200, you’ll know with 100% certainty if there are fire ants on your property. You’ll know how many, and how soon you can expect to see less of them!

Our Strategy: Kill The Queen!

Our strategy is to focus on the sterilization and extermination of the Queens. We believe this strategy is superior to others based on the results we achieve. Sterilization of the Queen ensures that the colony dies out. Without Queens to reproduce, no new ants are being added to the colony, which leads to the near total removal of this aggressive species from your property.

A Lehigh Acres fire ant treatment from Fire Ant Control will keep fire ants from your property when applied just once every four months, as compared to other pest-removal services who need to treat every single month!

Infestations of the Solenopsis invicta should be taken seriously as a small percentage of humans and animals are severely allergic to their poisonous venom, and require immediate medical attention after an attack.

Even if you’re not allergic, the bites and stings (yes, they do both!) are quite itchy and painful.

If you suspect you have fire ants on your property and would like a free consultation, call the experts at 239-312-8200.