Marco Island Fire Ant Control

Marco Island fire ant control services are provided by locally owned and operated Fire Ant Control of Pine Island, Florida.

Our service is designed to help homeowners keep their property free from the impacts of fire ants against friends and family, cement slabs and structures as well as electrical outlets, boxes and machinery.

Everyone knows that bites from the fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) can hurt. A topic that is addressed less often are the impacts that fire ants can have on your property if the colony is left to expand.

Some colonies can reach heights if 15 inches and depths of 5 feet and house approximately 250,000 inhabitants. They are protective and will strike when they perceive a threat. The threat can be unintentional, but the ants don’t understand that and react purely on instinct.


  • Check the outside spigots around your home and property for leaks. Animals and plants require a reliable water source to grow and survive… And the same is true for fire ant colonies. A water leak that is slow but continuous will attract a queen and her colony to your location.
  • Don’t leave food, feed, or seeds laying around. Ants require a constant food source to thrive and survive, and simply securing these items while also taking care to not over-feed your pets or livestock and not over-seed your crops can make a big difference.

Signs Of Infestation:

  • Shorts can be caused inside electrical boxes, metal housing and along wires themselves since ants are drawn to the electromagnetic fields. Ants will often move soil into these areas causing malfunction and sometimes destruction.
  • Check outside wires of electric boxes, outlets and machinery for signs of activity. Look for dead ants along wires, congregations of them appear inside electric boxes. Air conditioners commonly attract ants and will experience shorts in the wires and other damage.

There is a reliable solution available through Fire Ant Control. We are a locally owned and operated family business that successfully treats all property types and sizes of infestations.

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