Marco Island Fire Ant Treatment

Need Marco Island Fire Ant Treatment?

Have you discovered Fire Ants in or around your home? Don’t worry… There’s no need to pick up and move just yet. Let Fire Ant Control take care of the problem for you!

We’re Southwest Florida’s proven experts, providing Fire Ant treatments to residential, commercial, and agricultural properties not just in Marco Island, but also in Naples, Immokalee, and throughout Collier County.

Call Fire Ant Control and you’ll never have to worry about stings or bites again.

What Are Fire Ants?

Solenopsis invicta is an aggressive, stinging variety of ant. They live in large, fast-moving, fast-growing colonies. With each queen laying up to 1000 eggs a day, it doesn’t take long for colony numbers to swell into the hundreds of thousands! That’s why it’s so important to address the problem as soon as you notice these invasive insects on your property.

How Can You Tell Fire Ants From Other Species?

Unfortunately, the first sign you have of Fire Ants may come by way of a painful sting. Fire Ants not only bite with their strong jaws, but they inject venom into the skin using their stingers. The venom creates a raised, hot pustule that you’ll have for anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

The problem comes when you unknowingly disturb a nest or mound.

Instead of one Fire Ant attacking you, there’s a good chance you’ll be caught in a swarm. While one sting is mildly irritating, hundreds or thousands can be life threatening. Even one sting will place you in danger if you’re allergic, or if you suffer from certain health problems.

How To Treat Fire Ant Infestations

Fire Ant Control has been facing off with Fire Ants for years now. We’re the #1 service provider in Collier County and on Marco Island for a very special reason. We put our experience and professionalism first, and we only put the most effective solutions to work on your property.

Highly potent, slow-baiting systems are the only proven treatment for Fire Ants. Dangerous internet popular methods like drowning or burning out a colony will not work because Fire Ant nests can extend deep below the surface. It’s next to impossible to reach them. With our bait, you won’t have to.

Worker ants mistake our bait for food, carry it back into their nests, and deliver it to their Queens. With the Queen dead, she can’t reproduce, so as colonies die off, there’s no chance of them re-establishing themselves. The nests quickly die off, providing you with safety, comfort and a chance to repair your property.

What Do Fire Ants Damage?

Besides the physical risks they pose, Fire Ants also cause damage to your property as they spread out across your lawn in clusters. They also reach under driveways and patios, affecting trees and outdoor structures. Fire Ants are also attracted to machinery and outdoor electric outlets, fuse boxes, and air conditioning units.

Let Fire Ant Control Help!

We’ve been perfecting our approach for years and our reputation speaks for itself. Give us a call as soon as you spot a Fire Ant on your property to schedule your first treatment. We can be reached at (239) 312-8200.