Naples Fire Ant Treatment


Looking for a fire ant treatment that really works?

Fire Ant Control offers the Naples, Florida area a service that is proven to eliminate invasive Solenopsis invicta colonies from lawns, agricultural lands, play grounds, sports fields, horse farms, golf courses, and public and private properties.

Treating fire ants is not easy. It’s nearly impossible to tell if your store-bought solutions or do-it-yourself methods are actually working. With Fire Ant Control’s licensed specialists, you will get definitive results.

Fire Ant Control professionals can easily spot the difference between ant species that are harmless, and those that are harmful. Our highly trained technicians can identify red imported fire ant by their body, mound location, mound shape, and activity.

Here are some other ways to determine if you should call us for a Naples Fire Ant treatment:

  • Omnivorous eating behavior.
    Seeds, seedlings and small animals are all desirable food sources for a Fire Ant colony. Worker ants do a lot of foraging for this community of highly organized, protective and invasive ants.
  • Nesting locations are predictable!
    Proximity to a water source is important to maintain the health of the growing colony. Nest-building in open spaces as well as under protective cement slabs, rocks or bricks are typical colony locations for this non-native aggressor.
  • Daily life and work load distribution.
    There are three types of ants in the colony: Queens, workers and soldiers. All three types behave differently. A colony can have one or more queens to produce more offspring. Male worker and soldier ants perform many tasks. Worker ants perform most of the foraging and other day-to-day tasks. Soldier ants are the protectors, and are identified by their larger and more powerful mandibles.
  • Reproduction and the queen.
    The queen is the only ant in the colony with the capability to reproduce. When the queen dies (or becomes sterile) the colony, the worker, and soldier ants will soon complete their short life cycle. Once the queen is dead, you will begin to see a noticeable decrease of fire ant activity on your property. 
    At Fire Ant Control, our proven service sterilizes Fire Ant queens for this specific reason.

Treatment often takes less than 30 minutes (depending on the size of your property) and unlike other, monthly pest, spider, and bug control services, we only treat every four months!

Call us at 239-312-8200 to schedule your Naples Fire Ant treatment.