Best Fire Ant Control Company in Florida

Florida is well-known for sunny skies, humid air, and numerous bodies of water. We welcome retirees, sun-bathers, golfers, vacationers, and more! Unfortunately, fire ants love this area too and await the opportunity to ruin your next round of golf, your family outing to the park, or your gardening hour. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the best fire ant control company in Florida. We promise to manage the fire ant population on your behalf.

Red Imported Fire Ants Live in Mounds

Best Fire Ant Control Company in FloridaSolenopsis invicta, also known as imported red fire ants, are prodigious builders. The loose soil sitting in mounds on the ground may not look like much, but under the ground, they’re busily constructing extensive tunnel networks.

The mounds above the earth signify the fire ants’ presence, but don’t assume the problem is small if you only see a few mounds. The activity underneath the ground is the real show.

One acre of property with a single queen colony can hold up to 150 mounds and 7 million fire ants. Colonies with multiple queens can see upwards of 200 mounds per acre and 40 million fire ants. This species is invasive, and without natural competition, they thrive with little to check their expansion. That’s where we come in.

Enjoy Your Day at the Park, in the Yard, or on the Green

The imported red fire ant bites and stings aggressively. Each bite or sting is painful due to the unique venom this species of ants carries.

All it takes to trigger a swarming attack is to come across the ants or slightly disrupt the mound. Multiple ants climb, and when a limb is shaken in response, all of the ants respond by attacking. While the bites always hurt, sometimes an allergic reaction occurs, sending the victim into anaphylactic shock that requires immediate medical intervention.

Homeowners, park managers, business owners, and others responsible for ground maintenance should ensure that Fire Ant Control, LLC, regularly services the property in question.

Protect Property from Damage

Fire ants can do a surprising amount of property damage. The warmth from electricity attracts them, and they’ll nest inside A/C units and breaker boxes, destroying the components in the process.

Other areas vulnerable to the damage of fire ants include building foundations and recently planted trees.

Bring Professionals in for Impressive Results

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides expert level red fire ant management. Whether you have a small yard or a large acreage of pasture lands, we appropriately apply the granular, food-like bait that we use to attack the colony at its foundation – the queen.

This process doesn’t work immediately, but it is more effective than other ant treatments. Worker ants take the bait into the colony, and the queen becomes sterile when she consumes it. No longer able to reproduce ants, as the living ants expire, the colony does as well.

This method works impressively, but fire ants are mobile, and the bait doesn’t last forever. We recommend the treatment be repeated every four months to keep them under control.

For the best fire ant control company in Florida, call Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200 to reserve a free consultation or a treatment service.