Best Fire Ant Control for Farms

The threat posed by fire ants to crops and laborers is real. Fortunately, Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides the best measures for fire ant control on farms and other agricultural properties. We use products and techniques that are regulated, approved, effective, and affordable.

The Farm and the Fire Ant

Best Fire Ant Control for FarmsFarms are ideal locations for fire ant habitations. Fields and pastures are comparable to the native pampas of Argentina and Brazil, the original homes of red imported fire ants. However, fire ants threaten the safety of workers in the fields, damage equipment, and destroy crops. Sick, older, and weak newborn livestock are also at risk of death from a fire ant attack.

Before planting your garden, check for fire ant activity by spreading greasy potato chips. Check back in half an hour. If you have fire ant activity, it’s time to call Fire Ant Control, LLC. You can also look for fire ant mounds and piles of loose soil to check for fire ant presence. Following heavy rain, mounds will usually pop up near taller items like sidewalks or fence posts.

With treatment every four months, you can keep your farm up to 95% free of fire ants, and we’ll back up our service with a money-back guarantee if you abide by this prescribed treatment schedule. Without retreatment, your pasture or field will eventually become reinfested.

We specialize in applying treatment measures on all types of properties, including agricultural, residential, commercial, and public. In collaboration with our sister companies, we cover the entire quarantined area and serve up to 1,000 acres daily. You can rely on us to respect your property and your time.

The keys to fire ant control are consistency and haste. Book our services as soon as you notice a problem and then every four months afterward.

Effective Fire Ant Treatment

Controlling the population of fire ant colonies requires handling the queen. If she’s allowed to continue laying eggs, the colony will simply replenish itself with treatment measures that target individual ants or mounds. Remember this fact whenever you’re tempted to try DIY solutions.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, utilizes a product that sterilizes the queen. Without any new ants, the colony will dissipate throughout its life cycle. We promise an 85% reduction in fire ant presence after a single treatment and continued protection with services three times per year.

Fire ants travel to mate. When mature, winged males and females fly to mate, the male will die, and the female will shed her wings, drop to the ground, and search for the perfect location for establishing her kingdom. Fire ants also travel in loads of sod, plants, animals, and even in balls of ants during heavy rains.

The bait we use is regulated and approved for applications around people, animals, and vegetation. It doesn’t require a waiting period for re-entry, so you can be comfortable using our service in an agricultural setting without worries about the effects on your crops or your animals.

If you’re ready for fire ant control for farms, the best option is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC. Click here or call (239) 312-8200 to schedule a free consultation, initial treatment, or repeat service. Your animals and workers will thank you!