Best Fire Ant Control for Pastures

Find the best fire ant control for pastures here at Fire Ant Control, LLC! We provide a straightforward, convenient, regulated solution that works well for four-month periods.

Best Fire Ant Control for PasturesAre you noticing large mounds around fence lines, within hay bales, and sprinkled around your pasture interior? These mounds may look innocuous, but they signal the presence of a real danger to your animals, workers, and equipment. Fire ants that use these mounds to enter, exit, heat, and cool their underground colonies cause painful injuries when they attack and cause insidious damage as they chew through wiring and set up habitation within the warm environments of electrical equipment.

Unfortunately, the perfect pastureland for horses and cattle is also the ideal habitat for red imported fire ants, and the two cannot live peacefully.

The Importance of Products Used

Every fire ant bait isn’t suitable for agricultural properties because the ingredients may include substances that can’t be used in grazing areas of animals that humans will later eat. The product we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, is a granulated bait, but it is regulated and approved for use around people, animals, vegetation, and livestock. The product can also be used without a wait time for re-entry on private properties.

The product we use acts as an insect growth regulator, so it works for a more extended period than other methods of fire ant control. In fact, when clients follow through with treatments three times per year, properties will remain up to 95% free from fire ant infestation. You won’t find a more effective solution than what we provide. 

Within a single life cycle, your property will see at least an 85% reduction in the presence of fire ants. This time is required because of the way that the bait works. We apply the bait strategically and without damaging your property. As the workers discover the bait, they carry it into the colony for the queen, believing it to be food. She ingests it and becomes infertile. With no new eggs to hatch, the colony dwindles out throughout a life cycle as living ants expire.

Retreatment is required for our money-back guarantee to apply. When males and females reach maturity, they fly to mate, and the queens set up new colonies. Clients who schedule service with Fire Ant Control, LLC, enjoy 85% minimum freedom of fire ant infestations, or we will return their money. 

Springtime is the best time to implement a system of fire ant control. The fire ants will actively seek food and more likely discover the bait that will seal their colony’s fate. 

Choose Fire Ant Control, LLC

Fire Ant Control, LLC collaborates with sister companies throughout the Southeastern US. Together, we can treat up to 1,000 acres of property per day and service all sorts of properties, including residential, agricultural, public, commercial, schools, and more.

Click here or call (239) 312-8200 for the best fire ant control possible for pastures and other agricultural lands. Your prized animals deserve to graze and grow peacefully without the hazard of red imported fire ants. Reach out today for a free estimate from Fire Ant Control, LLC, or to schedule an initial or follow-up treatment.