Best Fire Ant Control

The best fire ant control measures come from Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer effective and affordable service that controls fire ant populations in all sorts of properties – residential, commercial, public, and agricultural.

Best Fire Ant ControlFire Ant Control, LLC, serves all of Southwest Florida with effective treatments, and along with our sister companies, we provide service to the whole Southeastern portion of the US.

Florida is a prime target for fire ant infestation. The moisture, humidity, sun exposure, and warm temperatures make this area ideal for fire ants to thrive.

Understand the Fire Ant Problem

Red imported fire ants are a significant problem in the southern half of the United States. The damage and injury they cause extend from agricultural lands to personal homesteads, businesses, public parks, schools, and any other place with room for a nest.

Fire ant colonies don’t go away on their own. They grow without intervention. Rain may cause them to move a few feet over, but the vast majority of the colony will survive, even with flooding rains. The ants will form an orbital raft surrounding and protecting the queen, and the raft will float to dry ground.

A dense population will eventually make its way into homes. If you neglect the problem for too long, don’t be surprised when you’re attacked while grabbing a pile of laundry, reaching in the pantry for a bag of chips, or while putting your child down for a nap.

Red imported fire ants are aggressive predators that will kill your crops, your vulnerable animals, and even your HVAC system. Property damage and injury are real possibilities with an unmanaged fire ant population. A small percent of the population has an allergy to their venom and will require immediate medical intervention.

Protect your kids, pups, guests, and even the Amazon delivery person by calling on Fire Ant Control, LLC, to provide tri-annual treatments that keep your property at least 85% free of fire ants.

The Most Effective Fire Ant Solution

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a granular bait that functions as an insect growth regulator and stops the queen from reproducing. It has been deemed appropriate for use around animals and people, not even requiring a wait time to re-enter the area.

We will carefully apply the bait on your property when we arrive for your service. You won’t have to do a thing – no pouring or spraying of poison or chemicals required.

As the worker ants encounter the bait, they will deliver it to their queen, unknowingly causing the demise of their own colony’s population. The fire ants will live their short lives with no new ants hatching. The methods that we use will keep your property up to 85% free of fire ants for four months at a time.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is fully licensed and insured and welcomes the opportunity to service your property three times per year. We offer a money-back guarantee when you follow through with service every three months.

Create a safe environment for all comers on your property with the best fire ant control in Southwest Florida by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC. Dial (239) 312-8200 to discover more about our processes or set an appointment for a consultation or a service.