Are you looking to get rid of fire ants in your yard but don’t know where to start? Are you questioning what the best fire ant killer is? If your answer to either one of these questions is yes, you’ve come to the right place! Fire Ant Control, LLC, can help you eliminate your fire ant problem.

Best Fire Ant KillerSo, what is the best fire ant killer? The answer is simple – our granular bait.

How Does Granular Bait Work?

Getting rid of fire ants is a lot harder than getting rid of other pests, such as a bee’s nest. You can’t just take a can of chemical spray off the shelves at your local grocery store, spray, and then watch your problem disappear.

The problem with fire ants is that their mounds have an intricate tunnel system, so, if you were to spray the mound with chemicals, many of the ants would be hiding deep in the tunnels out of reach of the chemicals, allowing those ants to survive.

When treating fire ants, the queen must be sterilized. In the nest, she is the lone breeder and is responsible for the colony’s continued growth. By sterilizing her, you are guaranteeing that her colony will eventually die out. The granular bait is carried down into the mound and delivered to the queen, who consumes it.

Unlike harsh chemicals, there is no re-entry interval after your property has been treated, meaning you and your loved ones, including pets, can walk on the area right away.

How to Keep Fire-Ant Free

One of the biggest keys to a successful extermination process of fire ants is keeping up with your treatments. Fire Ant Control, LLC recommends treating your home or property once every four months.

Each treatment not only kills off the current colony but also keeps new fire ants from moving in. Once they discover a great place to take up residency, they are hard to get rid of. This three times-yearly treatment keeps your home well-protected against new colonies, as bait only lasts so long!

Common Places for Fire Ant Mounds

Are you unsure whether you have a new colony or more than one colony that you need to get rid of? The best thing to do is take a look in the most common places these ants like to build. Usually, the mounds are flat and look like loose sand.

  • Behind air conditioners
  • Near HVAC unit
  • In tall grass
  • Under piles of leaves
  • In cracks in your foundation
  • Under electrical boxes

If the fire ants get into your house, they can pose a significant threat to your family as their sting is very painful.

If you think you have fire ants in your home or on your property, it is essential to take care of them now and keep your property fire ant free for the future. Fire Ant Control, LLC is so confident that our granular bait system is the best fire ant killer, we guarantee it will take care of 95% of the fire ants for four months at a time. Call (239) 312-8200 to schedule a free consultation and to get started with your first treatment.