When you are dealing with getting rid of fire ants, you want to work with the best. Who is the best fire ant treatment company in Florida? Fire Ant Control LLC is the one to call to help you get rid of your fire ant problems.

How it Works

Best Fire Ant Treatment Company in FloridaFire Ant Control LLC uses a granular bait technique to eliminate the fire ants for up to four months.

How does the granular bait work? The most important part of the fire ant colony is the queen. She is the single reproducer for her colony so, without her, the colony does not survive. In some cases, there are multiple queens and this bait takes care of all of them.

Once the bait is placed, the worker ants carry it into the mound and deliver it to the queen. The bait sterilizes and eventually kills the queen. The bait also serves as a deterrent to new colonies trying to establish a home on your property.

Who Should Use This Service?

Who does this service work best for? The simple answer is anyone who either has a fire ant problem or who has land that could be inhabited by fire ants! We service a variety of land types, such as:

  • Golf Courses
  • Parks
  • Athletic Fields
  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Agricultural Properties
  • Farms
  • Nurseries
  • Horse Fields

Store Bought vs Our Service

Dealing with Red Imported Fire Ants is one situation where you do not want to give do-it-yourself methods a chance with the intent of maybe saving a few dollars. Most fire ant colonies have hundreds of thousands of ants, so a failed treatment could mean that new ants will continue to be introduced to the colony.

Every store that sells pest killer will sell a solution to killing fire ants, but none are as effective as the treatment provided by Fire Ant Control LLC.

When you use a harsh chemical to try to rid your property of the ants, it most likely will kill the ants that are visible around the mound. While it’s great that some of the ants are killed, it does not kill the majority of them because under that mound is an intricate tunnel system filled with thousands of ants coming and going from the queen’s chambers. Those store-bought chemicals won’t penetrate all the way through the tunnels and will likely not kill the queen. If the queen is not dead, the colony will survive and thrive, even if a good number of worker ants died.

Fire Ant Control LLC has a 95% guarantee of getting rid of your fire ants for four months at a time. Over-the-counter fire ant killer will often leave you disappointed, and you will still have a fire ant problem.

Call Today!

If you are seeing signs of fire ants on your property, or if you would like to proactively take steps to keep your home fire ant free, call Fire Ant Control LLC, the best fire ant treatment company in Florida, today at 239-312-8200. We offer a free consultation and estimate as well as competitively low prices. Fully insured and licensed, we want to help you live a fire ant free life starting today!