Best Fire Ant Treatment in Florida

When you walk to your mailbox, garbage can, or other outdoor area, do you get attacked by vicious fire ants? If so, you need the best fire ant treatment in Florida, provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC. Any type of property, residential, commercial, or public, can be free of the scourge of red imported fire ants.

Fire ants build their nests in warm and moist areas, and they don’t much care what else occupies the area. Homes, businesses, golf courses, schoolyards, parks, and all other types of properties are prime real estate for an invasion of fire ants.

The Ubiquity of Fire Ants

Best Fire Ant Treatment in FloridaRed imported fire ants, originally from South America, have become a problem throughout the southern US. Even when you see just a couple of mounds of loose soil, you likely have a much more serious problem than you think.

A colony with one queen likely has between 40 and 150 mounds with 7 million red imported fire ants per acre, and a multi-queen colony can have 200+ mounds and 40 million fire ants per acre.

The moisture and warmth of Southwest Florida make this area an ideal locale for fire ants whether the property houses a golf course, a home, or even a school. Managing fire ants needs to be of the utmost priority to keep the residents, golfers, students, etc. from being swarmed and attacked when a mound is slightly disturbed.

Fire ants are also destructive. They nest around trees, underneath building foundations, and within electrical components – damaging them all. Without fire ant management, all of these elements are vulnerable to destruction.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, Method

Located in Bokeelia, Florida, Fire Ant Control, LLC, specializes in managing red imported fire ants on all acreages or zone classifications. Our methods include an FDA-approved granular bait that we carefully apply to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The product that we use inhibits the growth of the fire ants. When ingested by the workers and then carried down into the colony, the queen ingests the bait and becomes sterile. The process doesn’t work immediately, but within one life cycle, the colony is under control because the queen can’t replace the ants as they die off.

While our products will maintain a 85-95% reduction in fire ants for four months at a time, the nature of fire ants will require you to retreat the property as the bait disintegrates and disappears. Fire ants fly for reproduction and fall to the ground to begin a new colony. Hitchhiking fire ants may also relocate to previously treated areas. Retreatment every four months is essential for maintenance of fire ant control.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is fully licensed and insured. Our treatment protects people and animals from fire ant bites and stings without detracting from native ants. We believe strongly in our products and methods to the extent that we offer a money back guarantee should your property not remain 85% free of fire ants with bi-yearly application.

Reserve your free estimate or a service for the best fire ant treatment in Florida by calling (239) 312-8200. Fire Ant Control, LLC provides an affordable, safe, and effective solution to red imported fire ants. With our bait in place, you can rest easy and look forward rather than down as you walk anywhere within your outdoor spaces.