Can You Treat Your Whole Yard for Fire Ants?

If you’re tired of the merry-go-round of hit-and-miss treatment measures and wonder if you can treat your whole yard for fire ants rather than the whack-a-mole game of mound treatment, the answer is Fire Ant Control, LLC. We’re comprehensively insured, licensed, and supported with a money-back guarantee for long-lasting effectiveness.

Can You Treat Your Whole Yard for Fire Ants?Fire ant infestations on residential properties are ubiquitous in Florida. The area offers warmth, water, food sources, and more. Without natural competition for resources, fire ant populations grow unless you call us in to intervene.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides a powerful mechanism of fire ant control. We specialize in managing fire ants on private and public properties – including schools, residences, businesses, golf resorts, ranches, farms, parks, and more!

When you book fire ant control from us, we will arrive and apply the bait strategically. When fire ants come across the bait, they carry it down to the queen for her enjoyment. She will be sterilized by the bait, which is actually an insect growth regulator. Having lost the ability to reproduce, the queen’s purpose ends, and as living ants die, the colony will also be eliminated.

The issue with fire ant management in this manner is that fire ants are mobile, and the bait doesn’t last forever. You’ll need to reschedule with us every four months, three times per year, to keep the population of fire ants in your yard up to 95% free of red imported fire ants.

Our proven methods will keep your yard free of fire ants and ready for your children and pets to enjoy it! Life in Florida should mean being able to walk through your yard and enjoy the lush beauty, garden, play, and watch the clouds without being attacked by vicious red imported fire ants.

How to Know If You Have a Fire Ant Infestation

Mounds of loose soil around the yard, particularly after heavy rain, may indicate a fire ant infestation. The mounds will be round with a flat top with a diameter about the size of a dinner plate. If the mound is slightly disturbed, swarms of red imported fire ants will pour out, biting and stinging anything in their way.

This attack is painful. All of the fire ants will climb, biting and stinging simultaneously. The attack results in a hard blister with a white center that lasts about a week; the venom that creates this injury is unique to the red imported fire ant.

Seeing fire ants isn’t guaranteed. In fact, you may not see them until you’re struggling to get them off your feet!

Red imported fire ants grow exponentially – to the point that a single-queen colony may hold up to 7 million fire ants per acre, and multi-queen colonies can house up to 40 million.

Licensed professionals in pest management are essential for effective fire ant control. They target the mounds and fire ants you see, and as we’ve previously discussed, the queen will just churn out replacements. DIY methods are likely to cause injury and will result in very limited results.

Treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC is how you can treat your whole yard for fire ants. We offer a money-back guarantee for clients who schedule our services the needed three times per year. Discover more by calling (239) 312-8200 or contacting us online.