Commercial Fire Ant Service Florida

Hold back the infiltration of red imported fire ants into your commercial property by choosing the best fire ant service in Florida, Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer effective and long-lasting treatment for all types of properties.

The Problem of Red Imported Fire Ants

Commercial Fire Ant Service FloridaRed imported fire ants are a problem, not just a nuisance. When these fire ants attack, they do so as a group, all at once. The painful attacks leave white-centered blisters due to the unique venom that only fire ants have. A small portion of the population is allergic to the venom and could die from an attack without medical intervention.

The aggressive nature of fire ants is startling. A nudge, breeze, slight brush against the mound will result in a violent attack. Protect your employees, clients, and customers by booking Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Whether you own a resort, restaurant, store, or another establishment, the worst-case scenario would be your patrons or employees being ambushed by a nest of aggressive red imported fire ants.

The Method That Works

Taking care of the fire ant problem on your property requires effective treatment. The DIY route will leave you with chemical hazards and dead surface ants, but the colony’s life will continue below ground. Instead of investing money, time, and effort into ineffective treatments, give us a call. We can handle the problem in a timely and effective fashion.

The product we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, is a granular bait that resembles food to fire ants. Carried down to the queen, the bait makes her sterile. By the end of one life cycle, the population will be under control without more ants being born.

Our treatment keeps the property up to 85% free of fire ants as long as you remember to schedule services every four months.

With four months between fire ant treatments, Fire Ant Control, LLC, will successfully treat your property and manage the fire ant population. They are mobile creatures, so reapplication is necessary to prevent reinfestation. The granular bait can also be used up and will eventually wash away, so it will need to be replenished.

Our process is backed with a money-back guarantee as long as clients remember to book service every four months.

The Fire Ant Invasion

Red imported fire ants aren’t native to the US. They came into the Port of Mobile in the 1930s and, in the time since, have established a foothold in the Southeast and beyond.

Fire ants are drawn to moisture, warmth, and sunshine. There’s no place that’s immune to an infestation. The foundation of your home, the HVAC system, even your pantry are vulnerable to fire ants.

If you’d like to become one of our clients, we welcome you. Make a simple phone call to receive effective service from a comprehensively licensed and insured provider of fire ant management. The process won’t require any extra effort on your part and will keep your property safe from the risk of injury due to fire ants.

You can overcome the battle with red imported fire ants. Reserve your place on our schedule to keep your commercial space safe from fire ant injury with service from Fire Ant Control, LLC, in Florida. For your free estimate, give us a call at (239) 312-8200.