Controlling Fire Ants in Your Yard

Looking for measures for controlling fire ants in your yard? Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a service that works for all types of properties – including residential areas. If you’re tired of watching out for fire ant attackers, contact us!

Controlling Fire Ants in Your YardWe provide the leading fire ant management service available. With full licensing and insurance, we offer a money-back guarantee as long as clients follow through with repeat service every four months.

Understanding the Enemy – Red Imported Fire Ants

For fire ant management to work, you need to understand the behavior of the species. Red imported fire ants are generally considered the worst of the species. They’re prolific breeders, cause substantial and costly damage, and react aggressively when they perceive threats.

The habitation behavior of red imported fire ants is problematic. Nests are spread throughout the Southeastern United States and hide beneath lawn debris, in pastures and playgrounds, and every other location imaginable.

The features that make fire ants remarkable also make them difficult to manage.

They’re constantly expanding their colonies – in terms of population size and nest size. The physical colony is a network of tunnels built underground, with the only access points being the above-ground mounds. As the queen lays eggs, the population grows daily, and the workers constantly build to hold the citizenry.

A colony with more than one queen, and, yes, they do exist, can house up to 40 million fire ants per acre.

Fire ants can sustain extreme temperatures. The mounds serve as entrance/exit and solar heating and cooling features.

Flooding rains don’t destroy fire ant colonies either. Fire ants connect to one another, surrounding the queen in the center of a ball of individual red imported fire ants bound together. The ball then floats to dry land, and the queen chooses a place to establish a new colony when the water levels return to normal.

Fire ants consume various vegetables, seeds, insects, and small animals. Everything is considered fair game to a scavenging fire ant.

HVAC systems, wiring, equipment, and cement slabs are just a few of the property features vulnerable to damage from fire ants.

The venom of a fire ant sting is unique to the species. It causes pain that stings and burns for most victims, but it can cause a severe and dangerous reaction for a small portion of the population.

Solutions to Fire Ant Infestations

Handling a fire ant infestation requires the type of know-how, materials, and methods developed by Fire Ant Control, LLC. We target the queen because the entire population and the damage and injury it causes come from her. All queens must be dealt with, or the colony will reinstall itself in another nearby location.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, method uses a strong, granular bait that fire ants perceive as food. When applied three times per year, the property will remain up to 95% free of fire ant infestation.

Our bait is an insect growth regulator that eradicates the queen’s ability to lay eggs. Regulated and approved for use around people and animals, we serve all properties, including residential, commercial, and agricultural spaces.

The mobility of fire ants dictates that retreatment will be necessary. With follow-up every four months, your property will be protected from fire ants, or we’ll return your money.

Controlling fire ants in your yard is easier than you could ever imagine. Click here or call (239) 312-8200 to put surefire protection in motion.