One of the best parts of residing in Florida is outdoor living. Sunny skies and lush greenery should be enough to frame a lovely day outdoors gardening, playing, barbecuing, and more. Unfortunately, red imported fire ants lurk in many yards waiting to ruin the fun. Controlling your ant population is as simple as calling Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer effective products and methods to accomplish this goal.

Controlling Red Imported Fire AntsFire Ant Control, LLC, provides treatment for the entire yard instead of just targeting the visible mounds. We understand that the only way to take care of the ant population is to eliminate their ability to reproduce.

You should be able to enjoy your yard with your children and guests without bites and stings. Red imported fire ants are known to aggressively attack at the slightest disturbance, and they all attack at once. A single ant bite is rare. When you jerk away at the first bite or sting, all of the other ants begin to attack.

Do not allow the ant population to grow without intervention. Take back your space to enjoy a Florida-worthy life without worries about pesky, aggressive ants.

Fire Ant Control That Works

By using a granular ant bait throughout your entire yard, Fire Ant Control, LLC, will help eliminate the ant population effectively. Our technicians will spread the bait throughout your yard, and the worker ants will carry the bait back into the mound where the queen will eat it. She will then be sterilized, unable to lay any more eggs. Queens are essential to reproduction, so no queen equals population death.

In less than a month, the population will be 85% lower. Since the bait will not last forever, and ant colonies move, you should arrange for treatment every four months by Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Kid and Pet Friendly Ant Control Products

Not only do most of the chemicals that are available on the market target mounds instead of the entire population, they are also hazardous. Our products have no re-entry wait time, allowing anyone to walk around your yard as soon as we finish. They’re approved for use around people and animals.

The treatment we provide lasts for half a year, so we suggest that you schedule us to treat your property every four months to make sure that the ants don’t return. Complying with our schedule is a requirement for our guarantee as well. We will provide a refund if you don’t see a significant reduction in the red imported fire ant population.

Who We Are

Fire Ant Control, LLC, controls the fire ant population for various private, public, and agricultural properties in Central and South Florida. We’re family-owned and headquartered in Bokeelia, FL. We have comprehensive insurance coverage and licensing to manage your problem with Red Imported Fire Ants. Our products are approved for use in residential, commercial, and agricultural places.

Controlling red imported fire ants isn’t nearly as difficult as you think. All it takes is the right method in combination with the right product. Don’t put off calling for fire ant management. The longer you wait, the more fire ants you will have. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC at 239-312-8200 or contact us online to get started.