Do Fire Ants Bite Horses?

If you own or care for horses, you need to know that fire ants do bite horses, which can cause significant distress and injury. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers service through a fully licensed and insured endeavor and promises a minimum of 85% reduction of fire ants for four-month periods, or your payment will be refunded.

Horses and Fire Ants

Do Fire Ants Bite Horses?Horse habitats appeal to fire ants because of the plentiful food, warmth, and sunshine! Red imported fire ants love these elements as much as horses do, but horses do not love finding a swarm of fire ants waiting when they munch into a bale of hay.

Pasture land where horses graze offers plenty of sun and open spaces, which can mean multiple fire ant mounds. Unfortunately, these invaders pose a danger to a herd’s caretakers. Whether filling water troughs, cleaning stalls, or enjoying a ride, do so safely when fire ants don’t pose a danger.

How Fire Ant Control, LLC, Helps

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers help to keep your area safer for horses and their keepers. We specialize in managing the population of red imported fire ants on all types of land, no matter how many acres.

We strategically apply strong granular bait to destroy the red imported fire ant colony at its source – the queen. Since the bait is an insect growth inhibitor that prevents the queen from reproducing, the colony doesn’t continue as the living ants die.

The bait that we use has been approved for application around livestock, pets, and people, so you can be comfortable with us employing it around your horses.

The colony will be reduced by 85-95% within a single life cycle of fire ants. 

Unfortunately, fire ants fly to establish new colonies and move when flooding or food shortages demand it. You’ll need to reschedule our service every four months to maintain 95% freedom from fire ants.

The proven methods of Fire Ant Control will keep your horses and their caretakers from being attacked, and you’ll also keep the machinery and electrical equipment from being destroyed as well. 

Elements to Remember about Red Imported Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants build intricate networks of tunnels belowground, with only the mounds above ground serving as visible evidence of their habitation. When slight disturbances occur near these mounds, swarms of fire ants will come forth from the mound and viciously attack anything in their way.

The bites and stings from red imported fire ants provoke pain and burning and result in a hard blister with a white center that typically lasts about a week. This injury is unique to fire ants because they have a venom that they alone have. A small percentage of the population is also allergic to this venom and requires immediate intervention to prevent anaphylaxis.

Red imported fire ants will eat anything and inhabit practically any place. They will injure and even kill newly born foals, old horses, and those confined to stalls with no way to escape.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, should be the first call you make once you realize that fire ants do bite horses and those bites cause injury. With service three times per year, we will provide a money-back guarantee. Reach out today for an appointment by calling (239) 312-8200 or clicking here.