Effective Strategies for Managing Fire Ant Mounds

Are you searching for effective strategies for managing fire ant mounds? Look no further. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a free estimate for fire ant treatment for your public, private, commercial, or agricultural property.

Effective Strategies for Managing Fire Ant MoundsFire Ant Control, LLC, provides convenience, affordability, and an effective management process for fire ants. Whether your responsibilities extend to less than an acre of property or thousands of acres of ranch land, we can handle the needed treatment. From residential properties to businesses, schools, apartment complexes, golf courses, public parks, and beyond, any property can benefit from our service.

Treatment for the entire quarantined Southeast US, up to 1,000 acres per day, is possible for Fire Ant Control, LLC, and our sister companies.

Understand the Challenge of Fire Ant Infestation

Red imported fire ants have a firmly established presence in the South, especially in Florida. The Sunshine State provides a wealth of resources for fire ants, including vegetation, moisture, open spaces, and sun exposure. Being an invasive species, fire ants have no natural competition for resources. From food and water to space itself, other ant species have no chance against the fire ant.

The aggressive nature of fire ants also lends itself to their survival. When they sense danger nearby, they attack aggressively, as an army, climbing upward, biting and stinging simultaneously. The mission is to protect the queen and the future of the colony.

Their response to flooding waters similarly prioritizes the colony’s propagation. The fire ants will form a tight ball around the queen and float to a dry surface or tall pole or tree upon which they can climb. The queen survives, and the colony continues even if the outer layer of fire ants dies.

The speed of reproduction is yet another reason that fire ants thrive. The queen lays thousands of eggs each day, so the only effective solution to managing the population is to stop the queen from being able to reproduce – hence the Fire Ant Control, LLC, solution.

We focus on reproduction and stop the queen’s ability to lay eggs to control the population of fire ants effectively.

The granular bait that we employ is an insect growth regulator. We spread the bait in a way that tempts the fire ants into taking it down to the queen without them realizing the danger to the colony. Once she enjoys her meal, she’ll become infertile, and by the completion of a single life cycle, the property will be 85-99% clear of fire ants.

The longevity of the protection we offer isn’t everlasting. Fire ants are mobile. As the winged males and females of a colony mature, they will fly to mate, and the male will die while the female will drop to the ground and find the perfect spot for her kingdom. Fire ants will also travel in search of food or water.

The bait we employ at Fire Ant Control, LLC, has been approved for use on all types of properties and will keep yours protected from fire ants for four months. Our money-back guarantee requires that clients remain consistent with retreatment.

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