Fire Ant Control Around Schools

One place that must have fire ant control is around schools. As children walk to the bus or scamper to the swings, they shouldn’t have to fear being attacked and injured. The most effective solution comes from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control and Management

Fire Ant Control Around SchoolsThe very best method of controlling fire ants comes from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our professional techs and processes work for all sizes and purposes of properties. Small and large properties find effective fire ant treatment from us. One of those areas we specialize in treating is schools.

The processes and products that we use do not require a wait time for re-entry, and we’re able to apply the bait in such a way that the school day isn’t disrupted.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, operates out of Bokeelia, Florida. In collaboration with our sister companies, we offer treatment for the whole quarantined area covering the Southeast US states where fire ants have become so dominant.

The method that we employ focuses on reproduction by using a strong granular bait that prevents the queen from reproducing. When the worker ants responsible for bringing food to the queen discover the bait, they see it as delicious food and bring it to their queen. However, when she consumes the bait, she’s unknowingly consuming an insect growth regulator that halts her ability to lay eggs. Within a life cycle, the colony disappears.

Population Numbers of Fire Ant Colonies

Most fire ant colonies host between 100k-500k worker ants plus hundreds of others. A single-queen colony may house 7 million fire ants, and a property with multiple queens may house up to 40 million per acre.

Categories of Fire Ants

Four types of red imported fire ants live within colonies:

  • Queens
  • Worker ants
  • Winged males
  • Winged females

The queen reigns over the colony. She is the source of life for the colony, constantly laying eggs. As she performs this important work, the rest of the colony provides her with food and protection.

The fire ants caring for the queen, bringing food, and building the colony are the worker ants. These ants are the ones you’ll spy gathering food and feel attacking you if you get too close. All of these fire ants are females without wings.

The winged females and winged males are sources of future colonies. When they reach maturity, they will fly into the air, where they will mate. Once the mating process is complete, the male will die, the queen will drop to the ground, and she will find the ideal place to establish her kingdom. She will then shed her wings, lay her first generation of worker ants, and establish a new colony.

The mobility of the species explains why our service needs to be repeated every four months. With this follow-through three times per year, we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, offer a money back guarantee that your property will remain 85-95% free of fire ants.

Would you like to learn more about fire ants and how to achieve fire ant control around schools? Rely on us to make sure that students in your district can enjoy the school grounds, fields, and playgrounds without fearing fire ant attack. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200 or contact us online by following this link.