Fire Ant Control Around The Farm

Do you need fire ant control around the farm? If you work on one, you will agree that you do. You might be surprised, though, by the quality, convenience, and effectiveness of the service provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Agricultural Fire Ant Concerns

Fire Ant Control Around The FarmThe strategy and sneakiness of Fire Ant Control, LLC’s methods result in long-lasting results that will keep all property types up to 95% fire ant clear for four-month periods.

Agricultural properties are often large, so as one area is treated, the fire ants move to another spot on the property and then return after a short period. Fortunately, Fire Ant Control, LLC, can manage fire ants on properties of a single acre or as many as thousands of acres.

In collaboration with our sister companies, we treat the entire quarantined Southeast US, up to 1,000 acres daily.

Contact us for a free quote to treat your entire property. We can do so conveniently, without damaging your property, and with little disruption to your work from day to day.

Agricultural fire ant control is quite important. Fire ants damage plants, harm livestock, damage equipment, and injure workers.

Damage to vegetation from fire ants occurs in a few ways. First, fire ants cause girdling, which causes plant and tree death. They also eat through stalks and tubers of plants and gather seeds for food for the colony. The abundance of food availability makes a planted field a popular place for fire ants to set up habitation.

Fire ants also kill the insects that we rely upon for vegetation growth. Native ant species, bees, and other pollinators often become victims of red imported fire ants.

Young, sick, and older animals are vulnerable to fire ant attacks. The insects often nest within bales of hay and stalls as well. An animal with no way of escaping the fire ants is particularly at risk.

Fire ant infestation can damage agricultural equipment, tractor wiring, irrigation systems, and other essentials of farming.

Finally, farm workers can get savagely attacked as they walk through the fields, picking crops or tending to animals. The last thing that hard-working agricultural laborers need is yet another challenge.

Agricultural Fire Ant Protection

The sun, food, and moisture common to agricultural properties make them exceptionally welcoming to fire ants. Our job at Fire Ant Control, LLC is to make them much less welcome.

We use a proven measure of fire ant control. Through the targeted application of a strong, granular bait regulated for use on all types of properties, we successfully treat land in this area, regardless of size or purpose.

The bait used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, appears to be food to fire ants. They collect it and carry it into the colony for the queen’s consumption. When she ingests the bait, she loses the ability to lay eggs, and the colony loses its sole source of continuation. Within one life cycle, the population of fire ants diminishes drastically. We provide a money-back guarantee that properties will remain 85-95% clear of fire ants for four-month periods. The guarantee requires you to book service three times per year to apply.

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