Fire Ant Control Companies Near Bonita Springs, FL

Win the war against fire ants at your home near Bonita Springs, FL with the help of the team at Fire Ant Control, LLC, the best of the fire ant management companies in the area. Fewer fire ants equal less worry while enjoying the beauty of a Florida summer, spring, winter, and fall!


Fire Ant Control Companies Near Bonita Springs, FLIf you’ve had a fire ant encounter, you probably have several bites. Ants attack as a group and can sting multiple times. While your reaction will probably be mild, observe yourself, or a child in your care, carefully post-attack since different people react differently. Some have strong allergic reactions that require fast medical intervention.

Gauge Your Reaction

A typical fire ant sting will cause a welt that becomes a blister and lingers for 7-10 days. The fluid that fills the blister is dead tissue, but it looks like pus. This reaction is common and perfectly normal; however, you shouldn’t pop the blister even though it looks like a pimple. It’s not one, and popping it can cause an infection and leave a scar.

Other people who experience fire ant stings have a more significant reaction that spreads to the whole region where the sting occurs. If a bite on your foot causes the entire area to swell, you have a localized reaction. Treat this reaction on your own unless you have other symptoms as well. 

For those who experience hives, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, chest tightness, or tongue or throat swelling, call 911 immediately. If you’re armed with an Epi-pen, use it. If the symptoms haven’t improved within 15 minutes, repeat the epinephrine shot. Then, head immediately to the emergency room even if your symptoms have gone away.

A less severe reaction requires less serious treatment. Apply ice or a cold compress, clean the area well, elevate the affected area, and use antihistamine and steroids, orally or by application.

Avoid Fire Ants

The best way to avoid fire ants is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC, to treat your property every four months. We’ll keep the area up to 95% free of the aggressive monsters.

Otherwise, you should also watch for fire ant mounds and avoid them wherever possible, especially when working in the yard or garden. Avoid walking outside in bare feet and gardening sans gloves. Your exposed skin is vulnerable.

If you have had a bad reaction to a fire ant attack in the past, keep in mind that you have a ⅔ greater risk of a reaction that’s the same or even worse if you’re stung again. Your doctor may prescribe either allergy shots or an epinephrine pen for your personal protection.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, Method

Trying to handle fire ants on your own is a futile endeavor. You need the help of Fire Ant Control, LLC. The bait that we use sterilizes the queen, so we target reproduction. She is unable to lay new eggs, so the population zeroes out as the living ants expire. Repeat treatments every four months qualify our service for a money-back promise.

Click here or call (239) 312-8200 to book fire ant control from the best of the extermination companies near Bonita Springs, FL. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides cost-effective and convenient treatment that works.