Fire Ant Control Companies Near Cape Coral, FL

Searching for fire ant control companies near Cape Coral, FL? Look no further than Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our strategically applied bait works like no other to produce properties that remain up to 95% free when treated every four months.

Fire Ant Control Companies Near Cape Coral, FLFire ants will not go away without an intervening measure; choose one that works well. Fire ant bites hurt, and protecting children, pets, and guests from their attacks is your obligation as a property owner.


When going about your daily business in Southwest Florida, it’s good to have strategies for avoiding fire ant attacks. Using an insect repellent daily is an excellent idea, especially if you’ll be working outside. Consider the prevalence of insects, including fire ants, mosquitos, and more.

If your plan for the day includes time outdoors, dress for it. Wear long sleeved pants and shirts, tucking your pants into your socks to limit skin exposure, and always wear solid shoes. As you hike or experience nature, be careful as you move old logs, rocks, and leaves, and watch for fire ant mounds, avoiding them at all costs.

On your own property, hire Fire Ant Control, LLC, to come out once every four months and service your property. We offer a money-back guaranteed service that will prevent their spread for four month periods.


The typical fire ant bite will linger as a blister for 7-10 days. Treatments required are usually limited to cleaning them well, applying a cold compress, taking a benadryl, and applying a bit of hydrocortisone cream. Leave the bump alone. Picking it could cause an infection and scarring.

However, 2 out of 100 cases will require more in-depth treatment. If the reaction affects the entire body, causes trouble with breathing, or triggers outright anaphylaxis, seek medical treatment – immediately, in the case of anaphylaxis.

Upon recovery, visit an allergist. The specialist will perform testing and possibly prescribe an epi-pen to keep with you in case of future attacks.


  • Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Swelling of the tongue or throat closing
  • Loss of consciousness

If you suspect that you have an infected blister site, you may call the doctor to be prescribed antibiotics. You should also see a doctor if you develop a fever, body aches, or chills; have red streaks or redness of the skin; or have pain or itch that doesn’t improve after several days.


Fire ants, as a species, are hardy and resilient to environmental challenges and extermination methods. The queen will simply continue to build her colony anew unless intervening measures are applied to limit her ability to do so.

Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) are not native to North America. After invading from South America, they have successfully spread throughout the southern half of the United States, particularly the Southeast region. They’re particularly problematic because of their unique aggression and venom. The slightest disturbance will trigger an attack, which occurs as a swarm and continues until forced to stop.

The treatment measure that we use employs a granular bait that appeals to the fire ants as food and sterilizes the queen when she consumes it. Rather than targeting surface ants within the mound, we target the entire colony at its reproductive source. The living ants die, and no new ones are hatched as replacements. Within a single life cycle, about a month, the fire ant presence diminishes by at least 85%.

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