Fire Ant Control Companies Near Me

Resist the fire ant invasion on your property with fire ant control companies “near me.” For property owners and managers in Southwest Florida, successful fire ant management requires the expertise of Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer convenience, affordability, and year-round fire ant management for private, public, and commercial property types.

When Fire Ants Attack

Fire Ant Control Companies Near MeHas your realization that you need fire ant treatment followed an unfortunate run-in with a fire ant horde? If so, you likely need treatment suggestions for your injury as much as you do population control measures.

Fire ants generally attack as a group. A fire ant army will react to the slightest instigation, meaning you’re in danger if you walk too close to a hidden mound. They will climb upward on their enemy, biting and stinging simultaneously. An ant holds on with its mandible while stinging and injecting a unique venom that causes a particular reaction common to red imported fire ant species alone.

The venom will cause a blister-like injury that lingers for about a week and causes burns and itches. For most, this reaction is all that will occur. However, you should observe yourself or others closely following an attack in case of a localized, systematic, or anaphylactic allergic response.

What to Watch For

Typically, a fire ant sting causes the type of blister described above. Eventually, the blister will look like a pimple with pus inside, but you shouldn’t pop it. Doing so will not make it heal faster, and the area could become infected. Wash the area with soap and water as quickly as possible and treat any itchiness with hydrocortisone or a cold compress.

A localized reaction causes an entire area to redden or swell. This reaction responds well to treatment with an antihistamine, hydrocortisone, and cold compress.

More serious reactions require urgent medical attention. If any of the following symptoms occur, call 911 right away:

  • Hives
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Chest tightness
  • Tongue or throat swelling.

People with an allergy to red imported fire ants that cause this type of reaction need to have an Epi-pen prescribed to them, and when they experience a fire ant attack, they need to use it. Should symptoms persist after a quarter of an hour, they should use it again and go directly to the ER.

An adverse reaction to a fire ant bite means you’re two-thirds more likely to react equal to or worse should it happen again. See your doctor for a prescribed Epi-pen if you have such a reaction.

Preventing Fire Ant Attacks

The best way to prevent fire ant attacks is to avoid the pests altogether. A call to Fire Ant Control, LLC, to arrange for service every four months will keep your property 85-95% clear of red imported fire ants, vastly decreasing the likelihood of stumbling across a colony.

Take a proactive stance when gallivanting around the area in unprotected locations. Watch for fire ants, wear shoes and long pants tucked into your socks, and limit exposed skin.

Click here or call (239) 312-8200 to book Fire Ant Control, LLC. We are the best of the fire ant control companies “near me” in Southwest Florida, using a bait that targets reproduction by sterilizing the queen and zeroing out the colony. Schedule with us every four months for a foolproof solution to keep your property clear.