Fire Ant Control Florida

Fire ant control in Florida is difficult without professional intervention. Warmth, humidity, and plenty of food make this area utopian for red imported fire ants until we at Fire Ant Control, LLC step in. We can offer a cost-effective and highly efficient population control measure for private and public grounds throughout the area.

Fire Ant Control FloridaWhether residential, commercial, agricultural, or public, properties throughout Florida and the greater quarantined area of the Southeast US can be protected from fire ant infestations with the treatment of our service and those of our sister companies. With treatment every four months, we provide a money-back guarantee.

Combat Fire Ants by Leveraging Their Behavior

Red imported fire ants, scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta, constantly work on building and expanding their colonies of networked tunnels below ground. The only sign of these colonies above ground is the mounds of soil that provide them egress and entrance and solar heating.

Population numbers of fire ants are staggering and grow exponentially. Single-queen colonies sustain up to 7 million fire ants per acre, while multi-queen colonies, which occur frequently, may have up to 40 million red imported fire ants living in a single acre.

Protecting the Florida Lifestyle

Parks and Rec

When parents and caretakers bring children to the park, the last thing they expect is to have their children attacked by fire ants. Unfortunately, these attacks are relatively common without appropriate fire ant management, and the danger of a child having an anaphylactic reaction is real.

All fire ant bites and stings leave large blisters with a hard white center. They’re painful and last for about a week; we suggest immediately washing with soap and water or an alcohol wipe to limit pain. A severe allergic reaction can occur in a small portion of the population. In these cases, the victim can die without immediate medical intervention.

The bait that we use is approved for use in all areas, including park and rec spaces, public and private.

Golf Resorts

The appeal of golf courses to fire ants is natural: deep and rich soil, sunny warmth and open spaces, and plenty of moisture. Unfortunately, golfing and fire ants do not mix. The swoosh of a club or a rolling ball can result in disturbed ants and an attacked victim.

The damage to the golf course property is another problem caused by red imported fire ants. Electrical equipment, golf carts, transformers, and more are at risk of the infestation of the pests.

Fire Ant Management Expertise at Fire Ant Control, LLC

A specialist in fire ant management, Fire Ant Control, LLC treats all types of lands. We apply the food-like bait, and the fire ants themselves do the rest – destroying the population from the source!

The process of fire ant extermination isn’t a quick fix, but it works long term. The worker ants carry the “food” into the colony for the queen to eat. She consumes it, becomes sterile, and viola, no new fire ants. One life cycle later, the colony will be diminished by at least 85%.

New queens travel to mate and establish new colonies, and colonies migrate as flooding rains or conditions demand. The mobility of fire ants means that you must re-treat properties every four months, three times per year, for effective management and the money-back guarantee to go into effect.

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