Fire Ant Control for Parks and Recreational Areas

What could ruin a fun day at the park more than stumbling across a swarm of fire ants?

Fire Ant Control for Parks and Recreational AreasProtect parks and recreational areas from this threat by calling on Fire Ant Control, LLC, for service. We offer a highly effective treatment that is also convenient and affordable.

Treating Park and Rec Areas for Fire Ants

The worst of all ant species, the red imported fire ant is scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta. They have this notoriety because of their aggressive nature, prolific reproduction, unique venom, and hardy survivalist behaviors and attributes. When fire ants attack, it hurts, and in a small portion of victims, the injury can cause an allergic reaction that requires medical intervention.

We provide an effective solution at Fire Ant Control, LLC. No matter the property’s type or size, we can keep it up to 95% free of red imported fire ants. Together with our sister companies, we can serve 1,000 acres daily across the entire quarantined area within the Southeastern United States.

With service from Fire Ant Control, LLC, three times a year, you can provide a maximally protected space where families can play, relax, picnic, and bond. Call on us for treatment of kids’ parks, lake areas, game fields, and more.

Banish Fire Ants from Park and Rec Areas

Park and rec spaces should be safe for children and their families. Unfortunately, the areas are also quite welcoming to fire ants. Plenty of sunshine and food, vertical structures to climb during rain, and moisture from puddles, irrigation, and water fountains are siren calls for red imported fire ants.

By booking Fire Ant Control, LLC, groundskeepers can ensure that kids can safely enjoy sliding, swinging, and playing in the sand without fear of fire ants. It will take a single call to arrange an effective treatment of fire ant populations.

Banish Fire Ants at Their Source

Successfully mitigating a fire ant population requires that reproduction be stopped. If the queen continues laying eggs, new ants will be born. And treatments that only address the fire ant mound will inspire the colony to move to a new space nearby.

The ants see the strong granular bait used at Fire Ant Control as food. They carry it to their queen, and she becomes sterile after eating it. With no new ants being born and retreatment every four months, properties can remain up to 95% free of fire ants. 

Our bait requires a complete life cycle for peak effectiveness, but it provides a minimum of 85% freedom from fire ant infestation for four months at a time – or we’ll refund your money.

The effectiveness of the bait that we use rests on its existence as an insect growth regulator. It is regulated and approved for applications around people and pets, public and private lands, and properties with all purposes.

Explore treatment for fire ant control for parks and recreational areas from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Book with us by contacting us online or calling (239) 312-8200. We can provide a free estimate, initial and repeat service, and answers to any questions that you have about our process.