Fire Ant Control in Parks

If given the chance, fire ants will set up house within parks. The warm and open spaces provide the perfect habitat for them. While children and parks go together, children and fire ants don’t. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides protection and population control in parks throughout Southwest Florida through treatment methods that target reproduction.

Fire Ant Control in ParksIt’s fairly common knowledge that fire ant attacks hurt. When red imported fire ants attack, they both bite and sting as swarms of them climb and attack collectively. The venom that is injected burns and manifests in a hard blister with a white center, and the fire ants often hold on refusing to let go.

These attacks are easily provoked. You can fall victim to an attack by simply walking through wet grass, stumbling across a mound when walking, gardening, mowing, or otherwise spending time outdoors. Kids at the park at play are unsuspecting victims – making fire ant mitigation in these public areas absolutely essential.

For most people, the pain will go away, and the blister will last about a week. We suggest cleansing any bites as soon as possible with soap and water or alcohol to lessen the hurt. A small percentage of the population may experience an anaphylactic reaction that requires immediate medical intervention.

Fire ants generally bite multiple times, a circumstance that amplifies the effects of the attack. Additional issues with fire ant attacks include the lowering of blood pressure and the transfer of bacteria.

Parks should be a place where kids and families can have fun, free from worries about any of this injury from occurring. City managers and park department decision makers should choose Fire Ant Control, LLC, to provide this freedom from concern and risk of injury.

The Fire Ant Colony

The only signs that you’ll see on the grounds of a park that fire ants have a presence are the mounds that they create. These mounds are round and flattened piles of loose soil that you’ll typically see in open areas and following a heavy rain, around vertical structures like poles, trees, and other elevated surfaces.

The colony’s population works without ceasing to build and build upon the nest. Below-ground, the interconnected tunnels are in constant construction, making room for the also ever-growing population. You may see a couple of mounds above ground, but rest assured that you’ll find a vastly greater amount below ground.

The mounds above ground serve a couple of purposes. Not only do they provide a place for entrance and exit, but they also function as temperature regulators. During cold weather, the eggs are kept warm, and during summer, the area is kept cooler.

Fire Ant Colony Destruction at Its Source

Fire Ant Control offers a fully licensed and insured service that eliminates 85-95% of the colony’s population. We use a granular bait that prevents the queen’s ability to reproduce, so within a few weeks, the population zeroes out. With retreatment every four months, the service is effective all year long, or we will return your payment.

Troublesome fire ant colonies have no business in parks, and we at Fire Ant Control can make sure that they’re not around to cause problems. Schedule service or learn more today by calling (239) 312-8200 or by following this link to contact us online.