Fire Ant Control Specialists Florida

Leave fire ant control to the specialists when you’re dealing with an infestation in Florida. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides an affordable and effective treatment that will save you money, time, and injury. No matter the size or type of your property, we pledge to effectively manage the problem or your money back.

Fire Ant Control Specialists FloridaSolenopsis invicta, aka red imported fire ants, are damaging and injurious invasive insects. They attack people and animals for any disturbance of their mound, and they nest around crops, electrical equipment, concrete foundations, and trees, causing expensive damage.

Most people who are bitten and stung by fire ants develop a painful red bump with a white center due to the unique venom the fire ants inject, but for a small percentage of the population, the attack can cause an anaphylactic response that requires fast medical attention or it could lead to death.

The population of a fire ant colony can be massive. When single queen colonies are present, one acre may hold 7 million red fire ants, and if the property has multi-queen colonies, one acre could hold 40 million of the red fire ants. When you see a few fire ants around the property, consider the vast network of activity and population growth going on underground.

The Trojan Horse Method of Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control, LLC, in collaboration with our sister companies, covers the whole quarantined area of the Southeast US and can treat 1,000 acres per day. We use fire ant management methods that are safe and work without hit and miss methods directed at the fire ant mound.

The bait that we use is granular and believed to be food by the fire ants. This powerful growth inhibitor is carried by the worker ants into the colony where all of the population, including the queen, enjoys the meal. Unbeknownst to the fire ants, this normal activity has sealed the colony’s fate. The queen will become sterile, so as the living ants die, the colony diminishes to nothing.

This method is more affordable, more effective, and safer than chemically laden insecticides.

This process is not immediate. It will take a few weeks, but within one life cycle, the colony will be gone.

Fire ants are mobile, even flying to reproduce, so they will be back. Fire Ant Control, LLC, recommends that you have your property retreated every four months.

What to Know about Fire Ants

  • Identify their presence by looking for flat mounds of loose soil around trees, sidewalks, and other elevated surfaces after heavy bouts of precipitation.
  • Disturbing a fire ant mound unintentionally will send hundreds of fire ants cascading forth attacking aggressively.
  • The best approach to fire ant management is early identification and regular service from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, specializes in managing red imported fire ants on private and public land of any size. We strive to protect people, animals, and property from damage and injury caused by fire ants without exposing people, animals, or food vegetation to dangerous chemicals.

Trying to manage fire ants on your own will be a waste of time and could cause injury. Rely instead on the fire ant control specialists in Florida: Fire Ant Control, LLC. For your place on our schedule, call (239) 312-8200.