Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Equestrian Communities in Florida

To keep red imported fire ants from terrorizing equestrian communities in Florida, arrange for professional fire ant control & treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

The Scourge of the Ant Invaders

Red imported fire ants, scientifically named Solenopsis invicta, are not native to the United States. They first entered the country in the 1930s, and since they lack competition for resources, they’ve thrived in the interval. These fire ants reproduce quickly, attack aggressively, and nest practically anywhere. They have unique venom and nesting behaviors that cause damage and injury.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Equestrian Communities in FloridaMost horses won’t die from fire ant bites, but they’ll likely require care. Additionally, injured, older, newly born, and unborn foals are vulnerable to fire ant bites, even to death. Furthermore, those who feed, water, exercise, and groom horses are vulnerable to attack when fire ants are nearby.

Consider the risk of injury to kicking or bucking horses when attacked by fire ants. Riders and caretakers would also be at risk of being kicked or thrown. The harm done by fire ants is multiplied when horses are involved.

The measures we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC work effectively for long-term periods and pose no hazard to animals or people. Regardless of the property type, we can treat the area – servicing up to 1,000 acres each day. Your entire pasture can be treated quickly without disturbing your horses or the flow of their care.

The Appeal of Florida Pastureland to Fire Ants

Pasture areas, barns, and other horse-centered areas appeal to the needs of red imported fire ants. They love sun exposure, warmth, water, and food. From the open spaces to the equipment, hay bales, food stores, troughs, and more, horses’ needs often coincide with those of fire ants. It’s up to you to manage the fire ant population.

When owners care for their animals, they protect them. Horses can do little against fire ants; they’re defenseless. Make sure that they can live without being attacked in their pasture.

Attack the Colony with Subterfuge

The best battle won is one without a shot fired. Our granular bait is carried down into the colony, where the product sterilizes the queen. Once she’s unable to reproduce, the colony dies out within one fire ant life cycle. This result isn’t immediate, but it lasts for four months at a time.

Since the bait doesn’t last forever and fire ants are mobile insects, the granular bait will need to be replenished every four months. As long as you comply with treatment three times per year, your pasture, barn, and other areas will be up to 95% free of fire ants. Our measures are safe for use around people and animals, unlike many of the chemicals used by lesser companies or offered at the local feed store. The bait doesn’t even require a wait time before animals and people can walk among it.

To schedule a free on-site estimate, an initial service, or a repeat treatment, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our method of fire ant control & treatment is ideal for equestrian communities in Florida. Learn more by calling (239) 312-8200. We offer a convenient and affordable method of dealing with the fire ant problem on your property or your money back.