Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Horse Ranches in Altoona, FL

Win the fight against fire ant populations with professional control & treatment for horse ranches and other properties in Altoona, FL. Fire Ant Control, LLC, will protect your property, animals, and employees from damage and injury due to a fire ant menace.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Horse Ranches in Altoona, FLSolenopsis invicta, colloquially known as red imported fire ants, is a species of insect that invaded the US through the port of Mobile in 1930. In the intervening years, these fire ants have spread throughout the entire lower half of the country. Having no natural competition for resources, these fast reproducing marauders thrive in the warm expanses of Florida.

Fire ants cause painful injury when they bite their victims. The venom they have is unique to the species and creates hard blisters with white centers. The area can take weeks to heal, and a small portion of the population is actually allergic and can have a severe, even deadly, reaction. Particularly vulnerable are children and newborn, sick, and old animals.

Our efforts in combination with those of our sister companies are able to service 1,000 acres per day with a service area that covers the whole quarantine area in the South.

Florida – The Perfect Haven for Retirees, Horses, and Fire Ants

We refer to Florida as the sunshine state for a reason! People flock to the area for fun in the sun; unfortunately, so do fire ants. Fire ants also love the ubiquitous moisture and plentiful food sources in the area. These creatures aren’t choosy about habitats. They’ll invade your pasture as well as your pantry, and nothing is safe in that area whether they chew through your pop tart package or infest hay bales.

The primary nesting area for fire ants is outdoors. Pastures are perfect since they’ll have plenty of soil for constructing their complex underground tunnel networks and ample sun exposure to keep their home warm through the solar power of the mound.

The colony consists of two types of ants: workers and queens. While workers procure food, construct the colony’s structure, protect the colony, and wait on the queen and her eggs, the queen focuses on reproduction.

The Effective Fire Ant Solution

The most effective way to manage fire ant populations is to focus on reproduction. Fire Ant Control, LLC, utilizes a granular bait that resembles food and acts as a Trojan Horse, diminishing the population by preventing the queen from reproducing.

This process isn’t a quick fix, but once the queen is no longer able to lay eggs, the colony disappears as the living ants die. The bait that we use is safe for application on all types of land – both public and private. We are fully licensed and insured, and we guarantee our service for four months at a time. If you schedule repeat services every four months, we offer a money-back guarantee.

This long term solution involves no hazardous chemicals, no monthly expense, and no wait-time before re-entry. Our service will protect your horses, allowing them to graze without stepping into fire ant mounds and being attacked with no way to stop it. This protection will also serve those who feed and care for the animals and protect their food sources.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides management of fire ant populations for horse ranches in Altoona, FL, through fire ant control & treatment measures.