Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Parks in Florida

The highlight of living in Florida is the lovely weather for fun outdoor living every month of the year. The parks in Florida are one of the best features in the state for locals and tourists, so fire ant control and treatment is of the utmost importance. To arrange cost-effective service that works, city and park managers should reach out to Fire Ant Control, LLC.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC Method

Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Parks in FloridaThe methods we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, employ a granular bait that acts as an insect growth regulator, and we spread the bait in a specific manner that works well. We’re able to treat all properties regardless of size, and our bait is safe for use around animals and people when spread appropriately. With no interval required for re-entry, this treatment is the ideal course for parks.

The reason that our method works is the same as the reason that it’s safe. The granular bait is taken down into the colony, and the queen, upon consuming it, becomes unable to reproduce. As the living ants expire, no new ants replace them. We make sure to spread the bait in such a manner that the ants will be tempted, but not animals or small children.

If you’re wondering why can’t you just buy a can of ant spray, the answer is not that simple. Chemical sprays and powders can be dangerous for people and animals, not to mention that they aren’t truly effective. They kill surface ants, but they leave the rest of the colony in place, breeding and expanding.

Banish the Ants from the Park

The parks of Florida should be places for children to play, families to relax, and tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of the state. However, the humidity and moisture mean that fire ants also love these areas. Fire ants and people don’t mix.

Whether you love the dog park, watching free concerts or movies on summer nights at the local park, schedule play dates with other families at the park, or simply like to feed the ducks, an encounter with red imported fire ants will turn your fun time into a disaster.

When a fire ant mound is slightly disturbed, swarms of fire ants will stream from the nest, climbing upward and biting and stinging at the same time. These vicious attacks are characteristic of the imported red fire ant.

Bites from imported red fire ants aren’t the same as bites from other types of ants. They have a unique venom that creates unique bites. The bites manifest in a hard, red bump with a white center, and they rarely occur in isolation. If you’re bitten by one imported red fire ant, you’re likely bitten by several. Urgent medical intervention will be necessary if an anaphylactic reaction occurs, as it does in 1% of the population. For others, quick cleansing with an alcohol wipe can resolve some of the pain.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a service that when used three times per year will keep a lovely day at the park free from becoming a memory of the day you were attacked by vicious red imported fire ants.

The resilience of the imported red fire ant is remarkable. This species survives freezing temperatures and heavy rains, but the population at the parks in Florida won’t survive fire ant control and treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Call today to learn more about our methods and money back guarantee: (239) 312-8200.