Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Schools in Collier County, Florida

A fire ant problem is a serious issue for schools in Collier County, Florida, and Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers affordable & effective treatment that will keep your playgrounds fun and your sports fields competitive.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Schools in Collier County, FloridaOn school properties, red imported fire ants can cause a host of complications, injury, and damage. The stings and bites of fire ants are severe enough to end recess, cancel games, and even send the occasional student to the hospital. Children and student-athletes shouldn’t be exposed to fire ants on playgrounds or athletic fields. 

Electrical equipment, HVAC systems, and landscaping equipment are also vulnerable to damage from fire ants. In their search for food and warmth, fire ants nest underneath slabs and sidewalks, causing concrete damage and invading various buildings disrupting the classroom, recess, and sporting schedules.

The best solution is a proactive one that provides lasting protection. 

Fire Ant Management Strategies

Fire ant mound treatments – Treatment of fire ant mounds individually gives the satisfaction of seeing tons of dead pests, and for a couple of days, this approach may provide some relief. However, this method doesn’t work long-term since the queen still lays eggs below ground. It also puts students and faculty at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. This risk doesn’t come with many rewards, either. Before long, the mounds will reappear, and the population will return to maximum levels.

Fire Ant Control, LLC – We at Fire Ant Control, LLC, provide a targeted application of a potent granular bait. The bait is regulated and approved for use around people and animals. The time required for complete results is longer, but the results are far more significant and longer lasting. 

An insect growth inhibitor, our bait prevents the queen from being able to lay any more eggs. The living ants will end their life cycles without new eggs laid to replace them, drastically reducing the fire ant population. By the end of one month, the school grounds will be up to 95% free of fire ants. 

This treatment isn’t a one-and-done scenario, however. Red imported fire ants are mobile, so repeat treatments every four months are critical to continued protection. We offer a money-back guarantee as long as these follow-up treatments occur. If you’re looking for a proven method of resolving the fire ant problem, we’re the best.

Choose Fire Ant Control, LLC

Fire Ant Control, LLC, operates out of Bokeelia, FL, and serves all properties in Southwest Florida. In addition to schools, we treat residential, commercial, recreational, agricultural, public, and private lands. We’re fully licensed and insured, and you can count on our team to work quickly, leaving little evidence of our presence behind. 

Fire ants are so prevalent in the Southeast region of the US that a quarantine exists to stifle their spread. Fire Ant Control, LLC, in collaboration with our sister companies, serves this entire region, and we can treat 1,000+ acres daily.

Schools in Collier County, Florida, should acquire control & treatment services from Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a solution that works well and protects the school’s students, activities, and property. Your students deserve the best, which means a day uninterrupted by fire ant attacks. Click here to book your service, or call (239) 312-8200.