Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Schools in Florida

Schools in Florida must consider fire ant control and treatment as an important part of school maintenance. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers our services as an effective, fast, safe, and affordable solution to a problem that must be managed on school property.

Fire Ants Pose a Threat on School Grounds

Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Schools in FloridaStudents should be able to play, walk through the grass to class, and otherwise focus on school without being concerned about fire ant attacks.

The imported red fire ant is an invasive species that came to the US from South America in the 1930s. Since that time, fire ants have spread throughout the southern section of the country. These ants have no natural competition, breed quickly, and respond aggressively to any disturbance. In Florida, the moisture and humidity allow fire ants to thrive, and they’ll nest in common and uncommon locales.

When fire ants attack, the bites and sting are significantly painful. They have a special venom that creates a red, hard bump with a white center, and in 1% of cases, the bites cause an anaphylactic reaction. For this reason, the presence of fire ants must be eliminated from the grounds of a school. School ground caretakers must take every step possible to minimize the presence of fire ants, and this responsibility should motivate groundskeepers to arrange for Fire Ant Control, LLC, to treat the grounds three times per year.

Fire ants will colonize any property and invade all sorts of areas you might not expect. While you might expect to see fire ants lurking around an untreated playground, fire ants can do substantial damage to the structure itself. The building foundation, HVAC system, and even the wiring can be destroyed by invasive fire ants.

To protect the students, faculty, and public property of the school, effective fire ant management must be in place, and the only real option for that is Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Management on School Grounds

School grounds with fire ant infestations likely have millions of ants, and failing to manage the problem will lead to bites and stings along with property damage.

Considering the expense of property, the likelihood of litigation if a child is attacked, and the limitations of school budgets, it behooves these institutions to hire Fire Ant Control, LLC, to keep fire ant populations in check for a cost-effective rate.

Our measures are safe for use on school grounds without a period of wait time required for re-entry. We use a granular bait that resembles food and targets the ability of the colony to continue. This process does not work immediately, but the effects will last for four months at a time.

The bait is taken down into the colony by the worker ants operating as a Trojan horse, and the queen will become sterile when she consumes the bait. Since she won’t be able to reproduce ants as they die, the population will be under control within one fire ant life cycle.

Protecting students and school property are the two key responsibilities of those who manage school grounds. For professional fire ant control & treatment for schools in Florida, call on Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200.