Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Schools in Lee County, Florida

Fire ant infestations in Lee County, Florida schools are serious and require the effective control and treatment measures that Fire Ant Control, LLC supplies for these properties.

Fire Ants and Schools

Fire Ant Control & Treatment for Schools in Lee County, FloridaFire Ants are a serious problem on school campuses. Playgrounds and sports fields are where students will likely come across fire ants; although, they can also be a problem within the bathrooms, cafeteria, and classrooms. The situation can be quite dangerous, especially for younger children who may be unaware of an allergy.

The usual reaction to a fire ant attack may be a burning and itching pain response, followed by the rise of a hard bump with a white center, but a small percentage of the population has a severe allergy. When anaphylaxis is the response to the unique venom that fire ants inject during a sting, medical intervention is immediately required. 

Managing fire ant populations is an essential element of school property management due to the danger of their presence.

Every teacher knows that a line of fire ants marching through the classroom looking for food is enough to send a settled classroom full of students into a tizzy. However, classroom management issues aren’t the only problems that arise when fire ants invade school buildings. Beyond injury, fire ants have a significant effect on other aspects of the school environment.

As they move below sidewalks, parking lots, and other elevated surfaces, looking for heat as the weather turns cold, they will enter buildings and crack concrete and pavement. During these colony migrations, fire ants will also destroy the electrical components of lighting and HVAC units.

From dull mower blades to cracked sidewalks, blown HVAC units, and canceled sporting events, the consequences of unchecked fire ant populations on school grounds are dire and widespread. A proactive approach to fire ant populations is the best solution. Fire Ant Control, LLC, will provide the most effective treatment to maintain a fire-ant-free school property, and we’ll do so in a cost-effective, non-disruptive, and convenient manner.

Fire Ant Treatment and Schools

Fire ant treatment is an essential element of care of school grounds, and it’s a process best left to professionals. Depending on the products used, the application needs to be precise and student exposure must be limited.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a process that focuses on reproduction. We apply bait approved for use around people and animals, and our techs understand the best application methods for maximum effectiveness. When you choose us, you can be sure that the treatment will work well and will not make your school property hazardous.

The granular bait that we use is an insect growth regulator, which stops the queen from being able to lay eggs. No new ants will develop without new eggs, so the fire ant population will dwindle significantly over one life cycle. Fire ant mobility is a factor. School groundskeepers should arrange for our services three times per year. 

With Fire Ant Control, LLC, booked every four months, we offer a money-back guarantee that the school grounds will remain at least 85% free of fire ants.

Protect your students, staff, and guests by arranging for fire ant control & treatment for schools in Lee County, Florida. Learn more by calling (239) 312-8200, or you may click here to contact us online.